PATTIE DISCOVERS THE PNW: B&B Theatres in Airway Heights

By Patricia Elwing

Happy Holidays,

One of my favorite Holiday traditions is going to see a movie with the family.  This tradition was started by my niece, Dena, who is a mother of five and grandmother of eight.  I am “Aunt Pattie,” and have spent many of my Holidays with Dena and her growing family.  When luxury theatres started opening up in Nevada & California, we moved our annual holiday movie tradition to the comfort of large reclining chairs and a table for our beverage and popcorn. Each Winter new movies come out and there is always 1 or 2 we’d like to see on the big screen with the kids and/or one with the adults.  This year I’m rooting for The Matrix Resurrections for the adults, coming to theaters December 22, 2021. 

Perhaps you read the October 29, 2021, HBP article “Four Generations of Cinema at B&B Theatres,” by Camille Borodey.   Well, B&B Theatres has reopened and is operating the former Movie and Dinner cinema at Northern Quest.   Located right across from the Northern Quest casino’s main entrance, the theatre opened in July 2021, the first of its line in Washington State.  As a fan of the “luxury style” movie theaters, I was inspired to check out this family-owned, and now 6th largest theatre chain in the Country.  And so, a couple weeks ago my husband and I went to see a new release, the Eternals.  

If you want to treat yourself to a comfortable dining and viewing experience at an affordable price, I recommend checking out B&B Theatre for a chill night out with friends, a solo treat or date night.  Our Airway Heights B&B Theatre offers tickets at $8.99/children, $12.19/adult and $10.19/Senior reserved seating, as well as their expanded “movie food on steroids” menu. 

Make an afternoon outing or a night of it!  The open flooring around the bar and dining area is clean and welcoming.   I suggest you take advantage of it all by arriving early and enjoy a cocktail at the bar, take your time looking at the expansive menu and order your food.   My husband and I tried the chicken tacos and steak quesadilla from the generous choices on the appetizer menu.   For those who want a little more, choose from several handhelds, entrée’s, salads, kid’s menu and desserts (including a rootbeer float).  

Purchasing your tickets online in advance is wonderful and you know your chosen seat in the Stadium Seating will be available for you when you arrive.  Basically, every seat in the house is a good one.  Forget about the past theaters you’ve been crammed into, rubbing elbows with a neighbor and unable to cross your legs.  These luxurious theatres have spacious rows of seating and each seat reclines.   There is always friendly help near the entrance to greet you, assist you through purchasing tickets and direct you to your theater.  

Take time on your way in or out to consider the BACKSTAGE LOYALTY PROGRAM.

 It is free to join at B & B Theatres/no card needed, use your phone number at the register:

Program rewards include:

*  “Treat yourself Tuesdays” ($5 movie tickets all day)

*  A Free small box of popcorn with the purchase of a movie ticket

*  $5 Voucher for every $100 spent

*  Free same day refills on large popcorns and sodas

* Sign up online or at your next visit to reveal all the rewards of the program

In an effort to give everyone an experience at the movie theater, B&B Theatres in Airway Heights also hosts Sensory Friendly Films.  Yes, in addition to offering particular films are offered to accommodate guests with varying levels of physical or mental challenge.  These showtimes feature brighter auditorium lighting and lower audio levels for a more comfortable experience for anyone who may have trouble in conventional cinema settings.  

B&B Theatres

Pattie’s Overall Review:  4.8

Customer Service:

Atmosphere:  5 (clean and spacious)

Food:  4 (much more than candy & nachos)

Notable:  This theatre offers much more than just a movie…make it an event!



Patricia “Pattie” Elwing, moved to Washington State in August 2020.  A West Coast woman, her love for travel and discovering new places leads her around the world and now, around the Columbia Basin and surrounding states.  Watch for “Pattie Discovers the PNW” articles in the Huckleberry Press where she will offer fresh reviews and information about places she visits.  If she sparked a bit of the travel bug in you, leave her a comment below.