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Farm Fresh = Difference you can taste at Billie’s Diner

By Huckleberry Press / October 29, 2022 /
billies diner

by Patricia Elwing Have you ever come out of a diner after having breakfast or lunch and felt the heaviness of the greasy processed food and sub-par meat you just…

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Pattie Discovers the PNW: CHOWDERHEAD… “Spokane Just Got Tastier”

By Huckleberry Press / June 15, 2022 /
Chef Travis

When was the last time you had a grilled cheese sandwich and dipped it in tomato soup?  Well, if you love traditional foods but are ready to dial it up, check out the Pesto Grilled Cheese and Tomato Basil soup at Chowderhead.

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Pattie Discovers the PNW: Waterfall Corridor

By Huckleberry Press / June 10, 2022 /
Multnomah Falls

On our way home from our anniversary trip to the Oregon Coast, my husband and I were on the look-out for waterfalls.  As we traveled West from Portland on Hwy. 84, I caught a quick glimpse of a large waterfall and walking bridge. 

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Pattie Discovers the PNW: Davenport Welcomes Mauna Wellness Studio

By Huckleberry Press / May 28, 2022 /
Raychell and Wade Sand, with their child Wrenly

When I moved to Eastern Washington in late 2020, I left behind my beloved and exquisitely large yoga community in Northern California. I had been practicing since 2000 and teaching since 2014. And, as much as I adore living out in the country with my husband, it was sad to realize that I would have to travel close to an hour to practice yoga at any Spokane studios.

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Pattie Discovers the PNW: Looking for hiking near Spokane? Q’emilin Park Trail System, Post Falls, Idaho is a must see

By Huckleberry Press / April 26, 2022 /
Post Falls

It’s Spring 2022 and I am ready to get out in nature and get hiking!  I love to discover new places and I appreciate recommendations.  Here’s one I’ll share…

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By Huckleberry Press / April 2, 2022 /
Mark & Ingrid LaVoie

Friends…When you’re swaying to the kitchen shuffle at home, do you and yours ever wish you had a few more moves? Perhaps you are in the process of planning your wedding reception? If so, you will likely be considering your first dance as a married couple.

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PATTIE DISCOVERS THE PNW: Winter Update on Palouse Falls

By Huckleberry Press / March 20, 2022 /
Palouse Falls

My first trip to Palouse Falls State Park was back on November 14, 2021, and was so inspirational that I decided it would be interesting to see the Falls in every season. Wondering how the ice accumulation appeared at the Falls, my husband Matt and I took a second trip on a sunny but cold day in late February.

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Pattie Discovers the PNW: Crave Eats. Drinks. Nightlife.

By Huckleberry Press / February 18, 2022 /

When looking for a Bar & Grill, I want a friendly vibe reminiscent of Cheers, from the 80s/90s sitcom, paired with some tasty authentic bites you can only get there. Knowing that I love to find a non-pretentious eatery with remarkable food, our editor at the Huckleberry Press, Val Mohney, suggested I check out Crave Eats. Drinks. Nightlife.

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By Huckleberry Press / February 4, 2022 /
patricia elwing sound bath

This Valentine’s Day why not gift yourself a loving experience and/or share a heart healing and expanding SOUND BATH with your partner. Set up a comfortable place on your bed or the floor using bolsters, pillows and blankets and relax into the healing vibrations of the gong, alchemy crystal signing bowls, Tibetan bowls and chimes in the comfort of your own home.

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SMALL TOWN LIVING: Slow Down to Really Move Forward

By Huckleberry Press / January 24, 2022 /

Have you ever noticed that moment of bliss and calm as you’re driving from the nearest City back towards home? Those of us who are living in the smaller towns and communities in and around the Columbia Basin, can likely relate that there is a sweet moment when your shoulders drop and calm comes over you as you near home in your small town and little retreat in the world. This could be one of the reasons that more folks are moving out to rural areas with the hope of living more simply.

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