The Huckleberry Press is a regional newspaper that makes an impact in the community by connecting readers with the neighbors and the businesses that support them.

The Huckleberry Press begin in 2001, in the shadow of the Huckleberry Mountains in Stevens county. Since then, we've grown to cover 13 counties and over 70 cities and towns in NE Washington. We love to tell the positive, good news stories of Eastern Washington's people, businesses and community projects.

People do business with those they know, like and trust. The Huckleberry Press is a trusted friend to businesses and consumers alike. Businesses love the Huckleberry Press because our readers trust the businesses that advertise with us. Readers love the paper because of its local focus, positivity and special offers.



Val Mohney, Owner and Editor, Huckleberry Press

Val Mohney, Owner and Editor of the Huckleberry Press has been a self-employed small business person for his entire adult life. He understands the hard, often thankless work it takes to pursue the American Dream and build a successful small business. As Editor of the Huckleberry Press for the last 8 years, Val has helped tell the stories of local small businesses and the people that live and work in Northeast Washington. He's helped promote countless small businesses and local, regional events. Val's great passion is to make a difference in the local community, and for making the work of it fun and fulfilling.