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M.A.D. Co. Lab Studios: Helping artists find a foothold

By Huckleberry Press / October 2, 2022 /
Morgan Walters

Artists can have a tough time finding a foothold in today’s market, and art as a subject has been pushed aside to some extent over the past couple decades. Established artists may even struggle with maintaining a certain level of recognizability.

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Dario Ré: Cultivating Life and Music in the Monroe District

By Huckleberry Press / June 24, 2022 /
dario re

Listening to the songs of Dario Ré: and his band Heat Speak for the first time was love at first hear. To call the music beautiful is an understatement. But it was in the lyrics that I found a soulful symphony of poetry that spoke to my spirit and literally took my breath away.

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Springtime: The Light at the End of the Tunnel

By Huckleberry Press / April 14, 2022 /
spring bird

When I saw the first crocus blossoms in front of my house this year, I almost cried tears of joy. This portent of spring is always a happy and welcomed sight. But this year, my first crocus sighting was especially rewarding.
The same day I saw my first crocus, my daughter looked at her phone and said, “Mom, it was two years ago today that we started online school from home because of COVID.”

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An Excerpt from Amy McGarry’s newest book: Culture Clash

By Huckleberry Press / November 24, 2021 /
Culture Clash

In Amy McGarry’s first book, I am Farang: Adventures of a Peace Corps Volunteer in Thailand, she recounts meeting her future husband, leaving questions unanswered about what happened after she and Mustapha went their separate ways. In her latest book, Culture Clash: My Marriage to a Moroccan Muslim, she details the four-year long-distance courtship that results in their marriage. She also candidly discloses the challenges of an intercultural marriage. The following is an excerpt from Culture Clash.

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Book Excerpt: Sinon of Kirra, by Stephen Lalonde

By Huckleberry Press / December 1, 2020 /

Sinon had to wait until the one day in June that the Pythia would again sit on the tripod. His father was proud of him for making the decision to take the journey on his own this time and had given him the coins that Sinon had secured in a bag under his chiton.

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Dancing Down Memory Lane

By Huckleberry Press / October 20, 2020 /

Do sixth graders even have Halloween dance parties in their basements anymore?

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Harvest, Burning and Expectation

By Huckleberry Press / September 21, 2020 /

The air grows crisp as the grasses scratch at bare legs. It’s time to pick seeds out of socks and find homes for all the garden tomatoes and zucchini carefully tended through the summer.

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We’re Gonna Zoom Zoom Zoom-ah ZOOM!

By Huckleberry Press / September 8, 2020 /

by Amy McGarry Folks of my age might recognize these lyrics to the theme music for the kid’s show Zoom on PBS back in the ‘70’s. Remember before cable TV…

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Spokane Valley’s Very Own Renaissance Man

By Huckleberry Press / July 29, 2020 /

The definition of Renaissance man is a person with many talents or areas of knowledge. For one Spokane Valley Renaissance man, that definition barely scratches the surface.

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By Huckleberry Press / June 20, 2020 /

It’s an odd thing, I don’t know what to worry about anymore. At first it was whether or not my family of six washed our hands eleventy thousand times a day.

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