Kelley Hudson, Spokane artist on building an art career in 2023

Enjoy this conversation with Val Mohney, and Spokane artist Kelley Hudson.

To make a single statement as an artist is to ignore exactly what art and creativity are all about. To be an artist is to be a person in love with their own, private evolution. To change and feel change is inherently what being creative is all about.. Kelley’s art and her art career have reflected this sentiment completely. She longs to explore human nature and what it’s like to be a human, in a fixed time in space, but in a universe that is constantly shifting and evolving. What living a life with this vast historical knowledge inside us is for and how we can use it and art to change our trajectory for the better.

Much of Kelley’s art explores the ideas behind class and social warfare as well as poverty and vulnerability. Her work aims to center itself somewhere between community enhancement and equitable conversation and she tends to speak out against overreaching wealth and power. She is ever involved in the community effort and make art that she hopes will impact the inequalities and separations within our country. Making art that brings about positive connection is essentially what Kelley strives for as a creative. For more information about Kelley’s work visit her website: Get her Spokane Coloring Book at: