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Revealing and Rejoicing in the Stories of Reclaimed Wood

By Huckleberry Press / February 1, 2023 /
Cheryle Moore-Suazo

Raised in Bend, Oregon and having spent most of her adult life in the Pacific Northwest, Cheryle has been a long-time woodworker. From the late 90’s, she and her husband owned a renovation company in Portland, where she worked hands-on performing carpentry and tiling, among other skills.

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One Woman’s Story of Baking, Bravery, and Barkuterie

By Huckleberry Press / January 25, 2023 /
Jody Barrett and Bucho

If you’re a dog lover, you probably know the sheer joy that comes with having a dog curled in your lap or snuggled next to you. Jody Barrett is certainly a dog lover, and has had at least six dogs over the years (and many cats) after falling in love with her first family dog, a Cocker Spaniel named Buffy.

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Seven-Year-Old Boy Proves You Can Make a Difference at Any Age

By Huckleberry Press / January 24, 2023 /
Blaine and Fire Dept

One seven-year-old boy has been making headlines in Spokane for his hot cocoa stand and generous spirit. Over his winter break this past December, Blaine Binger came to his parents, Stephanie and Tom Binger, with a cardboard box and an idea to set up a stand to sell hot cocoa.

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Pink Is the New Black: 22-Year-Old Artist Seeks to Create, Inspire, and Educate

By Huckleberry Press / January 24, 2023 /

There are not many young adults who take the leap into entrepreneurship, but Cristina Varela (who goes by Pink), is certainly one of them. Pink is a 22-year-old full-time creative who is making waves in the art world with their brand Pink Viruz and art education channel, Pink’s Artsy Corner.

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Page 42 Bookstore: Community impact, one book at a time

By Huckleberry Press / January 19, 2023 /
Page 42 owners Emily Peterson and Alicia McCann

Quaint-yet-hip, Page 42 Bookstore can be found (much to the owner’s delight) next door to Donut Parade on Hamilton. Despite its size, Page 42 has made a massive impact on the book industry in Spokane due to its modern pricing philosophy and commitment to keeping literature accessible.

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Jessica and Morgan at Mad Co Lab Studios

By Huckleberry Press / January 17, 2023 /
Writer Jessica Simpkins and Morgan Walters from Mad Co Lab Studios

This officially makes us a multi-media company. We’ll be producing many more videos, mostly highlighting on the local leaders who make a difference in the local community.

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Networking With a Heart: SANEWA Supports and Serves Local Seniors

By Huckleberry Press / January 9, 2023 /
Sane Wa Team

Few networking groups spend as much time serving their community as they do forging business connections. But that’s precisely what the Senior Network Action of Eastern Washington (SANEWA) does.

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Helping Lost Pets Reunite With Their People When Shelters Are Closed

By Huckleberry Press / January 8, 2023 /
Founder and Executive Director Tandi Brayson-Foster

For those of us who have pets, we dread the possibility of them going missing. Everyone has seen flyers pinned to bulletin boards or taped to light poles, hung by the desperate owners of missing pets. But what happens when someone finds a pet and doesn’t know who it belongs to, especially if the local shelter is closed?

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New Arts building to boost Spokane economy

By Huckleberry Press / January 8, 2023 /
Idaho Central Spokane Valley Performing Arts Center

Area residents will soon be watching their neighbors perform on stage, thanks to a new performing arts center, the Idaho Central Spokane Valley Performing Arts Center.

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Natalia Kuhn: Spreading Comfort and Joy in Spokane

By Huckleberry Press / January 8, 2023 /
Natalia Kuhn

This is how Natalia Kuhn (nicknamed Natasha) describes the pendulum of emotions she experiences in her work every day, wiping away tears. Especially this time of year, when the Christmas Bureau is in full swing.

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