Racks & Rhinestones Ribbon Cutting, May 4

by Brooke Masters

In the serene setting of Deer Park, there exists a place where the thrill of the hunt takes on a stylish twist. Racks & Rhinestones, a boutique specializing in women’s fashion, invites customers to discover unique fashion treasures, and ensures each shopper will leave with a trophy to add to their collection. Proudly serving as the ultimate fashion junkie headquarters, this boutique offers endless style inspiration. The mission is heartfelt and simple: they strive for every customer to walk out feeling better than when they came in.

Deer Park boasts an array of amenities including several parks, an 18-hole golf course, and an RV park. Amidst this scenic backdrop, businesses in Deer Park are growing, with local enterprises taking root and becoming integral to the community. Businesses like Racks & Rhinestones not only contribute to the city’s economic vitality, but also enhance the quality of life for its residents by providing unique shopping experiences and community events.

On May 4th, Racks & Rhinestones is set to commemorate its first year in business with a community-wide invitation to their ribbon-cutting celebration. Attendees can look forward to hourly giveaways, ensuring that the day is filled with fun surprises. Racks & Rhinestones will also host local vendors during the event, offering visitors the chance to explore new items. Additionally, Racks & Rhinestones is excited to give away branded swag, allowing guests to take home something truly special and unique. Whether you’re a long-time patron or a newcomer eager to explore what Racks & Rhinestones has to offer, this first year anniversary event is the perfect occasion to celebrate fashion and community.

woman in dress

photo courtesy of www.racksandrhinestones.com

With a distinctive country and western vibe, the store boasts an impressive collection of cowboy boots, hats, and apparel with dazzling character. For those who love to sparkle, Racks & Rhinestones has a variety of flashy glam, accessories and jewelry. Whether you are working on the farm or having a night on the town, Racks & Rhinestones has an outfit for you. While most of their products are new threads, the boutique also provides a consignment service, allowing patrons to refresh their closets by trading in their pre-loved items. The owner of Racks & Rhinestones believes in enhancing the shopping experience by providing choices that celebrate every body type, reinforcing the message that beauty comes in all sizes.

Beyond their selection of clothing and accessories, Racks & Rhinestones enhances the shopping experience with spa services right in the boutique. Facials, performed by a licensed esthetician, not only amplify your natural beauty but also offer an escape from daily stress. The pampering doesn’t stop there; Racks & Rhinestones invites you to indulge in locally made beauty products. Customers can stock up on body butters, shaving cream, and body spray to create their own personal spa day.

The upcoming ribbon-cutting event on May 4th is more than just a celebration of a year in business; it’s a testament to the boutique’s role in bringing country flair to the people of Deer Park. Racks & Rhinestones’ dedication to making every customer feel valued and beautiful, coupled with its commitment to local engagement, shows the positive impact that businesses can have on their communities. Here’s to many more years of fashion, empowerment, and community at Racks & Rhinestones, where every visit is a reminder that beauty is worth celebrating.

21 N. Main St.
Deer Park, WA, 99006

Brooke Masters lives in Spokane Valley. When she isn’t exploring the natural beauty of the pacific Northwest, she indulges in her passion for arts and crafts, reading, and video games.