Taste Budz Review: Mi Jalisco Mexican Restaurant

If you’re headed west this summer and need a place to stop, don’t miss the opportunity to check out  Mi Jalisco in Ritzville, WA. 

What we enjoyed:

~ Fajita Burrito 

~ Jalisco Burrito

Zack and I were starving while on a little road trip. Just when we had given up hope that we’d come across anything, we were pleasantly surprised to find Mi Jalisco.

There is no better snack than chips and salsa. The chips were warm and salty, and the salsa had a nice smoky flavor. We couldn’t stop munching. 

I enjoyed the top sirloin Jalisco burrito. The steak was tender and juicy – just the treat I needed after a couple hours on the road. I asked for a side of pico de gallo and not only were they generous with the portion, but they served what I considered to be traditional pico de gallo. Their pico included chopped up tomatoes, jalapeños, onions, and cilantro dressed with lime juice, salt, and pepper. Typically in Washington when you request pico de gallo, you get a delicious cabbage mixture but not something I am familiar with as pico de gallo. 

Zack is always looking for burritos that he can pick up by hand, so he was happy to find the fajita burrito. His burrito was not only loaded with juicy steak and bell peppers, it was served with a refreshing and generous amount of guacamole too. The variety of protein options you could choose between was steak, shrimp, or chicken. All burritos are served with Spanish rice and your choice of rancho or refried beans. The refried beans were cheesy and chunky. 

Since we were driving far we didn’t get any drinks but they had some delicious drink options. For non-alcoholic beverages they even offered horchata and a variety of agua Frescas. 

The interior of the restaurant was updated and clean, and the booths were comfy, especially after being trapped in a car. The waitresses were quick, kind, and attentive, and the prices were affordable. Their menu was extensive and even offered an American food section if you’re traveling with picky eaters. They also offer a vegetarian menu. 

If you’re passing through and feeling hungry, there’s no better place to stop in Ritzville than Mi Jalisco. 

Zack & Brooklyn are a married couple that love showcasing all the fun places to play and eat in the Inland Northwest. They created Taste Budz to promote local businesses and expose people to the great restaurants all around them. Keep up with them to find your next culinary destination!

by Taste Budz