Constancy and Small Changes Compound and Add Up

I have fantastic news! At the risk of sounding like a snake oil salesman, I’ve actually unlocked a secret to weight loss and fitness that is easy and sustainable. I’ve been a personal trainer for almost 15 years now, and I used to feel guilty because I didn’t fit people’s expectations.

Yeah, I was in really good shape, but people would talk to me and make wild assumptions. People would always say things like “Oh, I bet you don’t even eat a carb!” “Forgive me for this treat, I know it’s not healthy like you prefer” “Gosh! You must workout all the time!” “I just can’t get as motivated as you.” 

I always felt guilty when this happened because I’m not who you think I am.

Here’s the truth … I love donuts and dessert is awesome. My workouts only last about 40 minutes and they’re not super intense, I haven’t counted a calorie in over a decade, and it’s brutally hard for me to pick a workout over playing the Legend of Zelda. 

So how do I stay in good shape? Why is it easy for me to manage my weight? 

I benefit from Holistic Force Multipliers paired with the compound effect. This powerful combination allows me to achieve more fitness goals and weight loss results with less effort. I want to share that secret with you.

Holistic Force Multipliers is a bit complicated to explain fully, but it’s also easy to understand. This is an idea you probably already know, but I want to emphasize how beneficial it is. The idea is simple: there are habits that work synergistically together to get better results.

As a kid, I watched a lot of nature shows, and one show talked about the strength of elephants. Did you know that two elephants pulling together can pull a weight greater than both individually combined? That’s synergy, when the whole becomes greater than the parts. We get this with healthy habits, too. 

It’s common sense that exercise is great for you and good nutrition is great for you, but they work best together. When you combine nutrition and exercise, you get better results than you could with either tactic alone. That’s because exercise can help aid digestion, increase circulation of nutrients through the body, and change hunger signals. Nutrition can also improve energy regulation that allows you to exercise fully as well as promote recovery and results from workouts. They are both better when practiced together than alone. 

But that’s not where it stops! In my holistic coaching program, we focus on six components of health that have synergistic relationships together. My clients receive coaching on Mindset, Activity, Nutrition, Sleep, Stress Management, and Support. Each category and improvement enhances the effect of each other. In other words, each change magnifies the other changes so you get more from small efforts.

But how powerful is this really?

To double your fitness outcomes, people normally double their efforts with workouts or diet. Doubling down on one area can be brutally hard and lead to burn out. But by using Holistic Force Multipliers with the six factors like mentioned above, a small 10% change can double your outcome. 

Outside the theory, I’ve seen this work in my life and the lives of my clients. The most common testimonial I hear from my clients is “I don’t know why this worked so well, I didn’t even do half of what you said.” It works because small changes will add up. 

Adding up. That’s the second part to this secret. When you make smaller efforts with the Holistic Force Multipliers, it becomes much more doable. For example, instead of going on a full keto and sugar free diet, I start my clients off with the simple rule of having fruits and/or vegetables at each meal (three meals a day). That’s a small, fairly easy rule to follow, and you can successfully do that far longer than forcing yourself to give up sugar. 

If you can do it longer, you get to take advantage of a compounding effect. 

Compounding is simply things adding up. Here’s an example. Would you rather get $300 right now, or $1 now and $1 more each day for a month (i.e. day one you receive $1, day two is $2, day 30 is $30). Even at the end, you’re only getting $30, so who cares? Well, if you can show up each day and get a little more because of it, after 30 days you end up with $465 which is a lot more than $300.

In fitness, people usually bust their rears to get that big push early, but then they burn out and fall off the path. People who enact smaller changes and continue to show up, keep getting paid. 

Force Multipliers plus Compounding Interest allows me and my clients to get more results with smaller efforts. If you want to see what this looks like in action, I encourage you to check out The Health REBELs Podcast or send me an email at

By Steven Hicks