Huckleberry Press Editor Val Mohney interviews Kristi Slotemeyer of River Valley Cheese

Val Mohney, editor of the Huckleberry Press, interviewed Kristi Slotemeyer, owner of River Valley Cheese. Kristi, who teaches cheese-making classes in the Spokane area, is a skilled artisanal cheesemaker who has a passion for sharing her knowledge and experience with others. She brings a unique sense of humor to her classes, which makes the learning experience both informative and enjoyable for her students.

One of the things that sets Kristi’s classes apart from others is her focus on the history of cheese-making. She believes that understanding the origins of this ancient art can help students appreciate the craft even more. By incorporating historical anecdotes and stories into her lessons, Kristi creates a rich learning experience that engages all the senses.

It’s no surprise that Kristi’s classes are in high demand, and with classes starting in April, students are eager to sign up. Val Mohney’s interview with Kristi provides an excellent insight into the passion and expertise that Kristi brings to her classes, and anyone interested in cheese-making would benefit from watching it.

Overall, Kristi Slotemeyer is a true artisan who is dedicated to preserving and sharing the art of cheese-making, and her classes are a must-attend for anyone looking to learn more about this fascinating craft. Sign up for one of Kristi’s classes at and follow her on Facebook @River Valley Cheese.

River Valley Cheese