Taste Budz Review: Inlander Restaurant Week

by Taste Budz, @tastebudz

Spokane offers lots of cool activities but perhaps one of the coolest things for us foodies is the Inlander restaurant week. Participating restaurants create special menus consisting of three courses and can cost between $25-$45 per person.

Zack and I decided to hit as many restaurants as we could in one day before our tummies said no more.



Our first stop was at Cochinito Taqueria

We munched on
~Queso Fundito
~Any Three Tacos (we chose prawn, pork belly, & carne asada)
~Mezcal Butterscotch Pudding

This take on Mexican food was unlike anything we’ve ever experienced. The prawn tacos were the star of the show in my opinion. They used a cherry and pomegranate salsa that added a beautiful sweet flavor and complimented the acidic and spicy flavors of the dish perfectly.

The queso dip was phenomenal! There was just the right amount of chorizo, peppers, and tomato on top to add nice flavor and a bit of chunkiness without taking away from the creaminess of the cheese.

I don’t believe that I have ever had butterscotch pudding but Zack had and it was calling his name. The spiced apple compote cut through the richness of the pudding and to top it off they used agave whip cream!!

The New 63

The New 63

Our next stop was at The New 63

What we munched on:
~Thai Carrot Salad
~Beef Teriyaki With Rice
~Japanese 75 (cocktail)

The Thai salad had so much flavor, the dressing was a spicy peanut sauce that was loaded with crunchy green beans, red peppers, carrots, spring mix, cilantro, green onion, and a baked chicken breast. Often times when you order a salad it has the traditional ingredients and tends to be a little boring but this salad knocked it out of the park.

For the Teriyaki you got to choose between chicken or beef and rice or noodles, Zack chose beef and rice. The sauce was packed with flavor and reminded us of spicy beef and broccoli.

I loved that for dessert you could get a cocktail because we had already had pudding. The Japanese 75 had strawberry gin and was topped with sparkling sake. I loved how bubbly it was and the strawberry wasn’t overpowering but gave the drink the sweet component that it needed.

The portions were incredibly generous and the interior was so unique. It looked like you could film a fight scene from the movie The Matrix. In fact, it used to be a cinema back in the 1920s but then closed down and re-opened in 1963 (hence the name).

Kasa Tap House

Kasa Tap House

At this point we were stuffed but determined to hit at least three places. Our final stop was the Kasa Tap House.

What we munched on:
~So Rockin’ Veggie
~Vanilla Porter Brownie

The hummus had chunks of olives, garlic, shallots, and feta. It was served with warm Kasa bread drizzled with honey to dip in it. I like a sweet and savory combination however, if that isn’t your thing then I would recommend ordering it without the honey.

The Rockin’ Veggie was a chickpea and carrot stew served over rice and loaded with fresh veggies. It was refreshing and warm, exactly what the doctor ordered considering it was like 15 degrees outside. It even came with a side of warm Kasa bread.

The brownie was MASSIVE. It was served with vanilla ice cream, hazelnut ganache, and salted peanuts. Zack devoured almost the entire thing.

We are so lucky to live in an area that promotes our local restaurant scene. If you haven’t been out to any of the restaurants yet don’t worry you have until March 4th. We chose restaurants that fell into the $25 per person category and split one course between the two of us. This is a perfect way to experience lots of different cuisines without breaking the budget.

Get out there and support our local businesses!

What The Heck Is Taste Budz?
I’m sure this is a question you’ve asked yourself as you see us in the Huckleberry Press, online, and on social media so let us introduce ourselves. Our names are Zack & Brooklyn, we are a married couple that love showcasing all the fun places to play and eat in the Inland Northwest. We created Taste Budz to promote local businesses and expose people to the great places all around them. Keep up with us to find your next activity.