Huckleberry Press Editor Val Mohney interviews Mark Losh, CEO of the West Plains Chamber

Val Mohney, the editor of Huckleberry Press, recently sat down for an interview with Mark Losh, the CEO of the West Plains Chamber of Commerce. During the conversation, the two discussed the significant work that the Chamber is doing to boost the local economy and bring more attention to the West Plains region. Mark shed light on the various initiatives that the Chamber has launched to support the growth of businesses and encourage more investment in the area.

In addition to their economic development efforts, Val and Mark also talked about the Community Engagement Series, an initiative that the Chamber spearheads. This series aims to bring together different community stakeholders and facilitate meaningful discussions around the challenges and opportunities that the region faces. Through this series, the Chamber hopes to encourage more collaboration and promote the long-term sustainability of the West Plains region. Overall, the interview was a great showcase of the Chamber’s vision and dedication to fostering growth and prosperity in the area.

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