Cultivating Peace & Joy through Gratitude

By Patricia Elwing

Happy Holidays Neighbors, 

Have you ever noticed the magical effect of just turning on some music you love and dancing?   Have you ever used relaxation music, guided meditation or bi-neural beats to lighten the mood in your home and your being?  Would you like to bring the best version of yourself to your loved ones this holiday season?  If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you would benefit from experiencing a sound bath.  Not familiar?  Please read on…

5 things to know about a Sound Bath 

  1. A sound bath does not involve water, bubbles or bath bombs.
  2. It is not a musical performance. There are no structural aspects like rhythm or beat in sound bathing, as the mind will just toss that into the background and go on with its mind chatter.  The goal of a proper sound bath is the calming and silencing of the constant chattering in your mind.
  3. Everyone has their own unique experience.  Every sound bath may have a different effect, ranging from crying to sleeping, from resistance to peace and lightness.  Allow these judgements to pass through and be shaken out.  

Stay grounded by touching the Earth with your hands and breathe through it.

  1. You don’t need any previous experience meditating, just the ability to lie still and receive a relaxing experience.
  2. The sound is felt in your body.  The instruments I use resonate frequencies specific to allowing one to release energetic blocks and drop into a relaxing calmness.  Some of which have been used since ancient Greece, wherein the sound waves of the gong, singing bowls, crystal bowls, biosonic tuning forks and drums were used as a form of medicine to treat a variety of ailments.  Albert Einstein stated, “Future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies.”   We seem to have come full circle and returned to modern day sound baths.

Sound does have a variety of effect upon the listener.  Think heavy metal rock and roll with pounding drums, screaming guitars and vocals.  What do you notice?  Excitement?  Tension?  Now, think nature sounds.  What do you notice?  Where is your breath and heart rate?  Calm?  Rhythmic?  You may recall the old saying, “Music has charms to calm the savage breast (not “beast”), to soften rocks, or bend a knotted oak,” a famous, yet often misquoted line from the poem The Mourning Bride, by William Congreve, 1697.  And while a sound bath is not a “concert” it is actually the sound current of these very special instruments, that touches us and shifts our frequency to a higher vibration.  

November is a beautiful time to focus on gratitude for what is in our lives.  Gratitude for our health, our prosperity, our family, our friends, our blessings.   In our Country, Thanksgiving Day is a time to give thanks for our bounty, but what if we made the whole month of November a practice of gratitude.  Each morning being grateful for at least one memory, one thing, or one aspect of our lives?  Would it have an effect on the rest of the day?  The rest of our life?  You bet it does.  As you most likely know, the power of gratitude, is heart-warming and often brings an immediate smile to your face.

This is an invitation to bathe in sound and gratitude with an online event Sunday, November 21, 2021.  Enjoy this opportunity.  You deserve it!  Let the sound current do the work as you release stress, deeply relax and come into balance.  In this session we will use intention and meditation to move energy.  If you are new to sound baths, I would love to introduce you to the powerful vibrations of my symphonic gong which helps release blocks held on an emotional and cellular level.  Relax and open your energy centers to the sweet resonance of the alchemy crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, tuning forks and chimes. 

To prepare for the sound bath, be sure to drink plenty of water and be well hydrated on the day of the event.  Sound waves move with ease through water (your body is 70% water).   Once the sound bath begins you will be lying down, you may choose to use ear buds at that time for better sound quality.  Be comfortably dressed.  You may wish to lie on your bed, or a yoga mat on the floor.  Have plenty of pillows, bolsters and blanket available to support your experience.   As you gift yourself this loving attention, you allow yourself to release stress and emotional blocks as you tap into the vibration at the center of your being…LOVE! 

I have been offering sound baths since 2015, in yoga studios, outside venues, private retreats and for various events in and around Northern California.  The limits on group gatherings ended my practice in 2020.  Although I continued to teach yoga and offered some sound meditations online since moving to the PNW, it is only now that I have decided to offer Sound Bath Sundays as a regular online monthly event.   If you are interested please email me to be added to the mailing list and receive dates and times for once each month @  

May you be elevated to finding the peace and joy of the season through the healing vibrations of gratitude and sound.

Much love, 


To learn more about sound healing and Pattie’s work: (check out Pattie’s past articles at HBP online)

Patricia “Pattie” Elwing has been working in the healing arts in Northern California since 1998.  Having utilized a variety of modalities to assist people in wellness for the body, mind and spirit, her focus now is to be in service to others through sound healing and sharing information such as this article.  Now, as a resident of Eastern Washington, Pattie offers sound healing to groups through Zoom Livestream online and in person, as well as individual Biofield Tuning sessions.  Follow Pattie @Celestial Touch Healing Arts on Facebook.  For more information on sound healings or to schedule a personal session contact Pattie @

Upcoming Online Sound Baths offered

Healing Vibrations with Gratitude

November 21, 2021 @ 4-5pm


Healing Vibrations for the Winter Solstice

December 19, 2021 @ 4-5pm 

Sign up steps:

  1. Send an email to
  2. Include in your email: a) the date of the event you wish to sign up for b) method of payment you prefer, PayPal or Venmo
  3. You will receive a Request for Payment:  $11.11
  4. The Zoom link will be sent to you same day prior to event along with information on what to expect and how to prepare.  Replay available if you have to miss it!
  5. Any questions I am happy to chat with you.  Contact Pattie @ (916) 505-7786