SAGO Naturals: Hip Replacement Testimonial

Testimonial letter by William E. Allen, 73 years old, Hip Replacement Experience.

It was mid November 2014. My husband, Bill, got up from his recliner to go to bed. He had a terrible pain in his right hip. He thought maybe his hip was out of place from some work he had been doing.

When his hip pain did not go away, he made an appointment with our chiropractor. After several treatments, the doctor suggested he see his personal physician and have some x-rays taken. Bill did that, and after two different doctors’ opinions, they found his right hip was severely degenerated to bone on bone.

I am a Master Herbalist, Certified in Homeopathy, Certified in Nutrition, Certified to Consult. I own a Natural Health Pharmacy, SAGO Naturals & More in Chewelah, WA and have had my store for 17 years. I have been using Natural Medicine since 1974.

I began researching what could be done to rebuild bones and joints. Bill wanted to try that before surgery. He used MSM, Collagen Protein, Homeopathic formulas for bone rebuilding and pain, magnesium and calcium, Mega Flav 2000, one of my products. His pain was severe but he would not use prescription pain medicine – he only used a homeopathic formula I had developed called Trauma Free Drops, Bromelain (pineapple enzyme) as an anti-inflammatory, Natural Pain Relief, one of my products, and California Poppy Extract.

By March, he decided to go to an orthopedic specialist and see if a hip replacement was necessary. After hours of searching, and talking to people who had had a similar surgery we found Patrick Lynch, M.D., at the Northwest Orthopedic Specialists in Spokane, Washington. Bill scheduled an appointment through his local doctor’s referral.

In April, he had his appoint. An MRI and more x rays were done and Dr. Lynch recommended; an immediate-
Non-invasive, full, right hip replacement procedure. The surgery could not be scheduled till June 1, 2015. He started with his recommended protocol- Coumadin as a blood thinner, prescription pain killers, and pharmaceutical antibiotics. “I do a non-invasive hip replacement. We do one incision on the front of the hip and spread the muscles, ligaments and tendons, we do not cut them” he said.

He looked at my husband and Bill said, “I won’t take Coumadin, I won’t use prescriptions pain killers and I would rather use Silver Sol Silver Biotic as an antibiotic.” Dr. Lynch looked at him and said, “So, what would your recommendations be?” Bill replied, “We use Bromelain (pineapple enzyme) as a blood thinner, my wife’s Homeopathic formula Trauma Free Drops as a pain killer and the Silver Biotics – Silver Sol solution orally.” Dr. Lynch replied, ”I have heard of Bromelain as a blood thinner, I know nothing about natural herbs or homeopathics, but I do know about colloidal silver. I use silver patches on my surgical wounds topically because it kills the bacteria. I never knew there was an oral form.” He then said to Bill, “If you think you have things that will prevent blood clots, kill the major pain of a hip replacement and keep you infection free, then I will let you do this, if you will do me a favor and take one aspirin a day with the Bromelain.” Bill agreed one aspirin a day would not be a problem.

Dr. Lynch said to me, “You are knowledgeable of all this and trust your products. I will put you in full charge of Bill’s Medications at the Hospital.”

We were both so shocked; we could not believe what he was allowing us to do! I had worked for doctors for 15 years, before going into Natural Medicine, and never have I heard a doctor, especially a surgeon, say what Dr. Lynch had just said.

On June 1, 2015, Bill had his surgery at 11:00 a.m. at Sacred Heart Hospital – one of the largest hospitals in Spokane, Washington. His surgery lasted 45 minutes; he was in recovery in his room at 3:15 p.m. He had to have a spinal block and the doctor told him as soon as he could feel his feet he could walk. By 4 p.m. his feet were feeling fine. Bill called a nurse and he went walking down the hall. He was alert, steady on his feet and feeling good. The nurses kept wanting to give him pain injections, but I was there every minute and told them no, that I was the only one to give him medications. When I told them to check Bill’s chart they saw Dr. Lynch had signed that I was the only one to give Bill meds in the hospital. This had never been done before and they could not believe it!

Bill was so far ahead of any other patients having the same surgery, the nurses, Physical Therapists, and the doctors, could not believe his progress. They said he was 200% beyond the usual patient. He was never dizzy or unsteady and his pain level from 0-10 was never over 3 or 4. He was walking every chance he got.

The minute Bill was in recovery, after he had eaten a meal; I began giving him Bromelain – 500 mg. twice a day, my homeopathic Trauma Free Drops, 15 drops every 15 minutes for 3 hours, then as needed for pain, and 1 oz. of Silver Biotic 4 times a day for 2 weeks and 1 Aspirin.

The Physical Therapists were shocked how stable he was. They told him at 8 p.m. Tuesday evening he could go home. But the Doctor wanted him to stay one more night just to make sure everything was okay. Wednesday morning he was great! The P.T. released him and the doctor okayed his release with no restrictions, and we were picked up at 9 a.m. to go home. We had him home by noon on Wednesday.

Bill had his 30 day check up on June 30, 2015. His hip was healed and everything looked perfect. Dr. Lynch was very happy with the outcome. No signs of blood clots, minimal pain and no signs of infection.

It proved Natural Medicine can work better than pharmaceuticals. Bill was released with no restrictions and is walking without a walker or cane and is his own therapist. He is doing his usual garden work and routine.

On August 27, 15, Dr. Lynch released Bill from his care, healed, no restrictions, except no yoga.

This was the most positive hospital experience I have ever had. My mother had 19 major surgeries and died at 61.

It was a miracle and we were blessed to have found Patrick Lynch, M.D. He gambled on us and we all won!!!


Sylvia A. Allen, M.H., C.H., C.N. C. C.
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