Jolene Fisher: Moving Through the Plateau

by Jolene Fisher


Michael, a 59 year old loving husband, proud grandpa, Gonzaga and Seahawk fan was in a bad way in the year 2014. At 5’9” and 310 pounds he was in pain, worried about his health and embarrassed by how he looked. Michael says he actually did not know how much he weighed because the scale only went to 310 pounds. In May of 2014 he decided it was time to change his food choices. Together he and his already petite wife decided, no bread, no pasta, no sugar based foods, no red meat. Instead they would eat lean meats, brown rice and lots of vegetables and fruits and it worked, for a while.


It took Michael five months to reach 260 pounds and then he hit a wall, the dreaded weight loss plateau and, like many people he just couldn’t get past it. What happens to a lot of people when their weight loss plateaus is that they get discouraged, give up and start reverting back to old habits. Michael was no different; over the winter he gained 32 pounds and was up to 292 pounds. When Michael was asked why he felt he’d hit the plateau and gained the weight back his response was that he was eating pretty healthy foods but probably too much healthy food. He really had no idea how much a man of his age, weight, height and activity level should be eating. Michael said that once he started gaining weight back it seemed that he had a strong craving for sweets and his personal weakness, peanut butter.

Michael refused to look at a scale for several months fearing the worst but when he had to go back to wear his 3xxx shirts he knew it was out of control. In May his fears were confirmed when the scale showed 292 pounds. Between his doctor’s warnings of diabetes and his painful bad knees Michael knew if he wanted to improve the quality of his life he needed to try again. This time he realized he needed to be more careful about portion control. Michael joined a program where he had two nutrition dense shakes, two snacks and one healthy 600 calorie meal each day. He also incorporated nutritional cleansing using a system promoting detoxification of the fat cells. He had finally found a program that was easy to stick to and was easy for him to manage his caloric intake.

By the first of July he was back down to 260 pounds again. This seems to be a weight ”set point” for Michael because he hit a plateau again and for two weeks stopped losing weight. This is when I met Michael and we began talking about weight loss plateaus. He adjusted his calorie intake and his fat burning activities and broke through the plateau. By the middle of September he was down to 230 pounds. You would think in a perfect story that Michael just kept cruising down to his goal weight of 199. But as happens in weight loss, he hit another plateau. This time he knows he needs to keep working out, eating the right number of calories and be patient and he will break through again. This is how plateaus often work. It is the fortunate few that reach their goal weights without two or three plateaus along the way.

After working with Michael, it became clear to me that too many people on a weight loss journey suffer the ill fate of a weight loss plateau and often give up. This is why with the help of Michael we have put together a 14 day weight loss plateau buster program.


What the program teaches is:

What are the physical reasons why people plateau?

What are the mental and emotional reasons why people plateau?

How to fuel your body with the right kind of calories and the right number of calories.

The best kinds of fat burning activities and how many calories you need to burn.

How to create an environment of success to bust through the plateau.

We provide a website with all of the tips, charts and information that you need.

We provide a journal you can download where you track your calories consumed, calories burned, what kind of calories you have consumed and what kind of fat burning activities you did.

We provide a closed Facebook group for participants of this program where you can compare notes, get tips and show off your success.

If you find yourself struggling with weight loss, or the weight loss plateau, I’d love to help. You are invited to call or email me so we can begin to get to know each other.

“The journey of a 1000 miles begins with a single step.”

Jolene Fisher is a certified holistic health coach with 14 years in the health and wellness industry. Her background and career before health coaching was a college professor of health sciences at both Whitworth University and Eastern Washington University. Jolene owns her own business called No Bad Days, where she loves helping people have breakthrough moments in their lives through programs that help people eat healthier and gives them sustainable lifelong habits for better health.

Jolene Fisher