Holistic Health for Humans and Horses

by Allison Mitchell, With My Soul Wellness

Wellness is not a linear journey. Or at least it doesn’t have to be. In my case, I have certainly experienced highs and lows, faced challenges, and overcame some remarkable odds. Part of the beauty in your wellness pursuit, is that it’s yours. Your story is unique, as is your mind and body. Sharing some of my story and the tools that have blessed my life is such a gift. My pursuit for holistic wellness began out of necessity to combat my chronic conditions and refusal to accept my life as a series of declining health experiences – With My Soul Wellness was born. And from the same space, my worn out mind and body, where pain and turmoil left many ashes, new growth would also come. Now through my healing journey, I get to pour into others and promote their overall wellness. Energy and Horses have been a common thread throughout my story. These are the two most impactful elements to my healing. I’d love to dive a bit deeper so you can understand how they may provide you an important opportunity. Better energy, better health, better life.

Human-Horse Bond
Did you know that horses can pick up on your rhythm and heartbeat from about four feet away and that they will synchronize their pulse in a herd setting for protection? I’m not just horsing around! As an Equine-Assisted Recreational Therapist, I use my horses to help people gain self-awareness, confidence, connection, and self-regulation skills. The calming effect horses can have on one another and people is quite remarkable. Horses can sense a person’s emotion through the recognition of their body language and tone. This is similar to how they would react in a herd in response to other horses. As the human-horse-heart connection builds a unique response can be seen in the horse as they relax and accept or trust the person, allowing activities to occur. The horse recognizes more than you realize about your current emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual state. You can find peach in their presence and I will coach you towards healthier choices and communication as we go through different exercises. In my Equine-Assisted Recreational Therapy program we visit while working with the horses in typical activities such as brushing, grooming, walking, and sometimes riding as participants feel comfortable. In 2022, I will host “Hands On Horsemanship” workshops/camps for youth as well as “Breaking Busy” retreats for parents and families. I also have some openings for individual and family sessions. These moments to slow down, catch your breath, connect with nature, and glean insight as you develop a bond with the horse can help change your outlook, bringing you closer to balance and wellbeing.

Mind Body Energetics (Bio-Energetic Neuro Therapy)
The mind and body are powerful. We are divinely created with senses that few of us tap into and recognize on a regular basis. My brain required some recovery and rewiring after sustaining multiple head injuries (thankfully not from riding horses!) I dove into the science behind Energy Medicine, and it lit my fire! It may not be as complicated as it sounds, but it’s certainly scientific and can be very profound on your healing journey. Bio-Electromagnetic Energy Regulation (BEMER) is a medical device that may help promote better energy, muscular recovery, sleep and stress management, and more by improving the body’s microcirculation (blood flow) and oxygenation to the tissues throughout the body. It uses a specific pulsed electromagnetic field with frequency and patented waveform that has been widely accepted and validated by medical professionals, Olympic athletes, and even NASA! This unique therapy offers a horse application as well. You may see me doing a BEMER session at local English and Western discipline horse events. I also offer session packages, rentals, and sales of this amazing device. BEMER has contributed to my overall health in so many ways! The symptoms of my chronic condition are well managed because of the removal of metabolic waste and activation of my parasympathetic (rest, digest, recover) nervous system. The Central Nervous System is responsible for many things throughout the body. When we (and horses) spend too much time in “fight, flight, freeze” it is unhealthy for us. I’d love to connect with you and see what BEMER and I might be able to do to bring you and your horses to a better state of health through improved blood flow. Besides BEMER, With My Soul Wellness will also be offering humans and horses additional Mind Body Energetics Therapies in 2022 including Craniosacral Therapy, Bio-Feedback, and more. Regulation of the nervous system is vital to our overall health.

May you live this one life you’ve been given, well!

Blessings + Wellness, Allison Mitchell
BEMER a an FDA cleared class II medical device and Allison Mitchell is a Registered Independent Distributor for BEMER USA C4103705 – www.withmysoulwellness.bemergroup.com. Certified Recreational Therapist, Washington State Department of Health – RE60918831. This article is written for educational purposes and is not intended as medical advice. Always consult with a medical professional before starting any new therapies.

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