Sabrina Gonder: Helping People to Live a Healthy Life

by Amy McGarry

If you are like me and almost everyone I know, you are struggling with some sort of health issue. Maybe you have a battle with managing your weight. Perhaps fatigue is slowing you down and you are desperate for more energy. Or maybe, like too many people I know, you are living with chronic pain. This could be physical pain, or emotional pain. Then, of course, there’s that monster that seems to affect everyone in one way or another these days: stress.

We go to doctors and counselors, but too often, we find no relief. Despite the billion-dollar health industry bombarding us with countless promises of fixing our problems, despite trying to eat healthy and exercising, we still can’t find that elusive answer to how to live a healthy life.

Sabrina Gonder

Don’t give up. There is still hope.

Spokane Valley Health Coach Sabrina Gonder doesn’t offer any promises, but she does offer hope for those of us struggling with stress management, weight management, and emotional health.

“I partner with clients to help them live their best lives,” Sabrina explains. “I believe there’s little reason people have to live in pain. I believe there are solutions for pain.

Sabrina’s approach to health coaching is best described as holistic. Holistic health considers multidimensional aspects of wellness, recognizing the whole person: physical, mental, emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual.

Sabrina describes factors such as sleep, relationships, family, and spirituality as “primary nutrition.” Primary nutrition is interrelated to the choices of what we put in our bodies, our “secondary nutrition.” Sabrina considers all these factors when coaching clients to achieve a healthy life.

Sabrina Gonder considers her career as a health coach a life’s calling.

“I’m a helper. That’s what I was born to do,” she explains.

However, like many, it took some time for Sabrina to hear the call.

A Spokane Valley native and West Valley High School graduate, Sabrina had originally worked in administrative positions in physical and occupational therapy clinics. Perhaps it was seeing that so many people were experiencing pain that pulled on her heart strings. She came to realize that she wanted to make a bigger impact on people’s health.

As fate would have it, Sabrina discovered the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IN). Based in New York City, IN is a world-renowned health coaching program whose mission is to “play a crucial role in improving health and happiness, and through that process, create a ripple effect that transforms the world.”

She completed IN’s online training program and became certified nine years ago. Thus, her journey into transforming lives began.

When asked what brings her clients to seek her help, she includes weight management, energy issues, problems with sleep, and stress. People come to her when they’re facing obstacles in life, such as a lost job.

Sabrina says that anxiety is big problem for many clients. Unfortunately, anxiety is affecting people at younger and younger ages. Sabrina has worked with clients as young as five years old.

In order to help with clients’ emotional health, Sabrina focuses on trauma-release.

“Everyone has experienced some sort of trauma, whether it be very small or extreme,” she explains. “There are a lot of working wounded.”

She also notes that counseling doesn’t work for everyone. Furthermore, as the need for counselors has grown while the availability of counselors is dwindling, she can meet a need in the community.

As a self-described empath, Sabrina says that she feels what her clients are feeling.

“I don’t want people hurting,” she says.

From what she tells me about her relationships with clients, I can infer that something about Sabrina encourages them to open up and share what they don’t tell others. With such trust, these secrets are, of course, held in the strictest confidentiality.

“I make it a very safe space,” Sabrina explains.

Easy access to Sabrina’s coaching is also a huge bonus for Sabrina’s clients. Sabrina can work with clients remotely from anywhere in the world, either by phone or Zoom.

One of Sabrina’s tools in partnering with clients is a cutting-edge technology that is described by some as the future of wellness. Sabrina uses a device called the Alpha Omega (AO) scanner, which uses radionics to detect abnormalities in the various energy frequencies of cells, tissues, and organs throughout the body. The device detects which frequencies will resonate with the client to promote healing.

Because this is a difficult concept to describe, Sabrina gave me the opportunity to experience the technology firsthand. The results were nothing short of mind-blowing. I received a report of my health that included beautiful images depicting strengths and deficiencies in nutrients, in my chakras and meridians. The report also indicated specific problems in my organs, muscles, and spine, as well as my chakras and meridians.

Once these abnormalities are detected, clients receive audio clips with the sound frequencies that promote healing, as well nutritional and other health advice from Sabrina.

The client is instructed to listen to the three-minute audio clips two or three times a day, which can be done while working on other tasks. Listening three times a day for a week is said to achieve the equivalent of one year of psychotherapy.

At the time of this writing, I have only listened to my audio clips once. What I noticed after the first listen was the best sleep I’d had in a very long time with a series of vivid dreams. Intriguing, to say the least.
Woven into Sabrina’s life’s mission is the calling to connect people. Her drive to connect others led to the creation of her “Healing Local” website for holistic practitioners. “Healing Local” provides a platform for those seeking holistic health care, creating “the perfect fit every time,” inviting viewers to “Feel better today!”

“I’m not the be all end all. Through “Healing Local” I direct others to the right resources.”

Healing Local” also serves as a forum for practitioners who need support with aspects of the business, like marketing and accounting.

“It’s a network for mutual support. It can be a lonely profession for solopreneurs,” she explains, describing holistic practitioners who set up their business on their own.

Linking people together and leading clients to their healthiest lives. Clearly Sabrina is creating a domino effect for the greater good.

Join me in rooting for that “ripple effect that transforms the world.”