Bubble bubble…

by Willa Condy

Bubbles used to make me think of soap bubbles blown by children at play. This spring I gained a new definition of a social bubble. My “social bubble “ was defined in March to myself and the better half. Shopping became a solo activity done during the “senior and immune compromised hour.”

This did seem the right time to increase our bubble. We had lost our dog last fall and it was time to add a new fur baby to the mix. 

We  tried to adopt a rescue dog but we were unsuccessful. I emailed a Manchester breeder asking about dogs needing a new home. She had a dog who had been returned to her. The more we learned about this dog the more we wanted it. Many people don’t want to bother with a dog if it isn’t a puppy. This is a shame as you end up with an amazing companion without the joys of housebreaking. I think they know they got another chance at a loving home.

Enter Roxy Two.  As in whatever she can get into. Her name suits her as she gets into mischief quickly. Roxy is a two year old Manchester Terrier and her arrival caused bubbles in our bubble. The better half was excited when Roxy arrived. Roxy wasn’t so sure about him. She decided I was her security blanket. So the B.H. started feeding her lunch and dinner. The way to a Manchester’s heart is definitely through their stomach. Between the food and the daily walks he takes her on she started to warm up.

This is not our first Manchester Terrier. My first Manchester was Odie. He came into the Quesnel SPCA  looking for a new home. My interest in him was trying to find him a new home. Let me clarify that – any home besides mine.

Odie however had other plans. I was showing him to a potential adopter in my arms. He leaned back against me and grinned up at me. He came home with me that night. This started my life with a black and tan terrier.

Terrier’s are independent and Manchesters were used for ratting and chasing rabbits. Neither tasks require much supervision and I quickly realized that Odie had the talk to the paw down pat. He could appear to listen when I talked to him, then do the opposite of what was expected.

Odie did manage to open a sliding window in our truck and crossed a four lane highway. You never expect a phone to ring and someone to inquire if anyone owns a small black and tan dog. Odie had trailed us to the building and was waiting with a fan club petting and fussing over him when we came downstairs. 

Next came Rex, our second Manchester. Rex was just under two when we got him. He had never lived in a home before he moved in with us. 

Where Odie loved all dogs Rex was not a fan. Actually, at first he wasn’t fond of people either. Cats  were definitely a no no.

We were waiting for the Balfour Ferry and the better half was walking Rex and had his retractable leash stuck into his short pocket. Then Rex spotted a dog across the parking lot. He started running and when he ran out of leash the handle removed the shorts. We went to a belt to hold the leash for the better half after that. 

Roxy is a 20 pound character who definitely is a morning pup. She likes getting up at five in the morning. We go for a morning piddle and then start the day sleeping on the couch. Safer than trying to go back to sleep in bed. Her hobby is attacking the better half’s toes in the morning. At 8 a.m. Roxy starts waking the B.H. up. She barks and jumps up on the bed and starts removing the blankets until he admits defeat and gets up. Then she waits for him to eat his breakfast and they head out for the morning walk.


Roxy loves her morning walk. She stops and says good morning to her dog buddies on her route. She loves dogs which is nice. Cats she thinks are interesting and even has a feline buddy who thinks nothing of walking up and rubbing on her. Roxy has to check on all her  furry friends in our neighbourhood. She says hi and wants to play with all of them. 

In this time of uncertainty Roxy brings smiles and laughter. Somehow in this bubble we now live in a little laughter is great.

This week our bubble is going camping. It will be interesting to see how Roxy enjoys camping. I just hope she sleeps in past 4 a.m. 

Willa Condy was born and raised in the West Kootenay. She is married, lives in Trail with her “better half” and their dog Roxy. Willa is part of the baby boom and loves photography, music, writing and having fun.

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