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The Washington Channeled Scablands: Wildlife, Hiking, Hunting & Fishing

By Huckleberry Press / April 2, 2022 /
dry falls dam

The Washington Channeled Scablands, known as one of the 7 Wonders of Washington, covers the landscape from around Spokane west to the Columbia River near Vantage and then SW to the Snake River near Pasco, traveling more than 550 miles.

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Long Necked Beer Bottles and an Old Polenta Pot

By Huckleberry Press / March 19, 2021 /

It was Huckleberry Heaven in the mountains above Trail BC in 1939, a year and a half after my mom and sisters arrived from Italy.

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Exploring NE Washington – Franson Peak

By Huckleberry Press / April 27, 2022 /

This scenic route is a family favorite to explore the area north of Republic, historical ranching and gold mining areas where you can drive right through the old gold fields and past current mining operations, such as Kinross Gold’s K2 mine, and get amazing mountaintop views just outside of Curlew, and finish the day with a great lunch at Tugboat’s in Curlew and stay at the Curlew RV park.

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Exploring NE Washington: Odessa Ring Craters

By Huckleberry Press / March 9, 2022 /

Although actual remnants of the Great Missoula Floods remain to the south and west of our area, some amazing geologic features are clearly visible in neighboring communities and have been consolidated into the Ice Age Floods National Geologic Trail in the area known as the Channeled Scablands, overseen by the National Park Service.

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Exploring Northeast Washington – Checking Out A Caldera:

By Huckleberry Press / March 29, 2021 /

We live in a region of unique geological features, and Stevens County is an area where a portion of the prehistoric new continent was forced up against the older lands in Pend Oreille county.

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Maps for Recreation in the Colville National Forest

By Huckleberry Press / February 2, 2021 /

Want to hike, bike, or drive on roads and trails in the Colville National Forest? Recreation is the #1 activity on our public lands in NE Washington, and having accurate maps is key to staying safe and legal, since not all roads and trails are open to all types of recreation!

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Northeast Washington Meanderings: Smackout Pass Loop

By Huckleberry Press / November 14, 2020 /

Northeast Washington is home to innumerable roads and trails for hiking, biking, driving, and wintertime sports such as snowmobiling.

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Ferry County Fun: Ride the Twin Sisters Jeep Trail #109

By Huckleberry Press / October 22, 2020 /

Ferry County has six Jeep trails for both motorized and non-motorized recreation enthusiasts, providing amazing scenery, challenging terrain, and great overall recreational value for the minimal investment of a short drive to the trailhead!

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Exploring NE Washington’s Jeep Trails: Owl Mountain Trail #102

By Huckleberry Press / October 17, 2020 /

It’s recommended that you drive Owl Mountain Jeep trail from the west trailhead if it’s your first time on the trail, as it’s much easier to descend the steep slopes on the east end of the trail.

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Off-Road in Northeast Washington – Colville National Forest:

By Huckleberry Press / September 7, 2020 /

Northeast Washington state is ideally located for all OHV enthusiasts – dirt bikers, ATV riders, and side-by-side drivers.

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