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Washington Scablands Cowgirl – Rhonda Lynn Kelly

By Huckleberry Press / April 27, 2022 /
Sweetness, Rhonda and Lilly

Our cowgirls ride for the love of riding and the thrill of working in the outdoors riding hills and canyons, moving cows through some of the roughest country in the Pacific Northwest. They’re good at what they do. The ranchers know that. These women have a lot of heart and “git up and go.” In most cases, more than enough for this tough job.

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Cowgirls of Lincoln County: Kelsie Wilson, From the Git Go!

By Huckleberry Press / December 26, 2021 /

Kelsie’s family emigrated from Finland four generations ago, settled into a home in Agnew, Washington (in the Straits of Juan De Fuca) and that’s where they still are. The stability of a multi-generational home gave her the solid, loving foundation to become a rider from the young age of four.

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Small Town Gatherings

By Huckleberry Press / June 12, 2022 /
parade kids

What is the purpose of small-town gatherings? It seems obvious that their primary goal is to pull the community together giving residents, both close in and farther afield, the opportunity to get to know each other better and make new acquaintances as people move into the area.

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We All Worry About…

By Huckleberry Press / May 29, 2022 /
take care of yourself

whether we’re normal, or not, whether we’re smart, or not, and whether we’ve got our act together, or not. Plus, so many more things that we could get ourselves into a real depression if we kept worrying non-stop.

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Raised Bed Gardens

By Huckleberry Press / May 18, 2022 /
raised bed garden

Most of us, at some point, have toyed with the idea of doing a raised bed garden. If you’ve ever nailed together four boards, set them on a patch of dirt and filled it with soil, compost, and seeds then you’ve done it! If you watered it, chances are you were able to grow something and experienced success. You can use just about any kind of container or built-up framing to raise some vegetables, but remember to make sure there are drainage holes in the bottom (or no bottom) so that excess water will drain out.

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Horse Accident on the Pacific Crest Trail

By Huckleberry Press / April 17, 2022 /
two horses

I had a stallion, named Day, that I wanted to put some time on and continue his training as a trail horse. I foolishly decided that if I took him for 3-4 days on the Pacific Crest Trail, he would be fully broke by the time I finished the ride. So I started at Snoqualmie Pass and headed south toward Crystal Mountain.

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The Washington Channeled Scablands: Wildlife, Hiking, Hunting & Fishing

By Huckleberry Press / April 2, 2022 /
dry falls dam

The Washington Channeled Scablands, known as one of the 7 Wonders of Washington, covers the landscape from around Spokane west to the Columbia River near Vantage and then SW to the Snake River near Pasco, traveling more than 550 miles.

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Bear Story

By Huckleberry Press / March 19, 2022 /
black bear

l you a little story about a bear situation that was not only unusual, but had potentially devastating results. Fortunately, things turned out OK but it was serious enough to bring in the Wildlife people and a professional hunter.

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The Martha S – Keller Ferry and Her Crews

By Huckleberry Press / February 11, 2022 /

On September 1, 1930 Washington State Dept of Transportation (DOT) took control of the ferry crossing at Keller making it the first ferry in the Wash State Ferry System.

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By Huckleberry Press / January 15, 2022 /
first glimpse of fire damage

I had such dreams for this place, til they went up in smoke in the Labor Day, 2020 Whitney Wildfire. But the beauty of my surroundings is still inspiring. There’s a rock outcropping here on my little ranch that I call the South Bluff, which is beautiful at sunset with the sun’s rays warming its dark basalt rock. Then, there’s the big one, the West Bluff, most beautiful at sunrise. It runs along the ranch like a knife has carved out a line, leaving you with no alternative but to obey its boundary. I see them now like I didn’t before the fire.

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