Month: September 2019

Veteran Recognized for Service

By Huckleberry Press / September 20, 2019 /

Article and photograph by Jessica Langdon, Facebook: @jessicalangdonphotography, 951-386-9132 Only veterans can understand the sacrifice and the pride that comes with being in the United States military. For one retired…

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Huckleberry Press September 19, 2019

By Huckleberry Press / September 19, 2019 /
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AgSwag: The Woman-Owned Apparel Company Inspired by the Heart of Area Agriculture

By Huckleberry Press / September 10, 2019 /

by Cassie Nixon Julie Jacobsen is a mother, wife, and livestock owner in Eastern Washington. She has recently launched her newest endeavor, AgSwag, an online apparel store with pop ups…

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Scholarship Helps Plant the Seed for Future Farmers

By Huckleberry Press / September 9, 2019 /

by Carey Guhlke-Falk As a farm kid growing up in the Davenport area, there wasn’t much choice in whether I would be involved in 4-H or not.  I don’t remember…

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The Wayward Barnyard

By Huckleberry Press / September 8, 2019 /

by Val Mohney Tammy’s farm is called “The Wayward Barnyard” because her daughter is a huge Supernatural/Wayward Sisters fan. When they added goats to the farm they started naming them…

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Integrating Canola into Wheat Systems and Managing Nitrogen for Canola

By Huckleberry Press / September 7, 2019 /

By Haiying Tao, Washington State University Extension, Washington State University Farmers Network Integrating a new crop into an existing cropping system requires a comprehensive understanding of the new crop. For…

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A Passion to Grow Something Better

By Huckleberry Press / September 6, 2019 /

by Maria Vandervert Growing up I helped my grandma in her garden and cooked with her in the kitchen when I was a kid. She grew her own food, prepared…

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Huckleberry Press, September 5, 2019

By Huckleberry Press / September 5, 2019 /
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