Veteran Recognized for Service

Article and photograph by Jessica Langdon, Facebook: @jessicalangdonphotography, 951-386-9132

Only veterans can understand the sacrifice and the pride that comes with being in the United States military. For one retired US Army Sergeant Nick Nicodemi, his sacrifice did not go unnoticed. Nick was  in the United States Army and was awarded the Prestigious Purple Heart for his service and sacrifice.

Trace Adkins congratulates U.S. Army Sergeant Nick Nicodemi at the Spokane County Fair. photo by Jessica Langdon

On September 10th 2019, Nick was recognized for his courageous assistance in the United States Army. He was awarded by the Military Warriors Support foundation with a brand new payment-free Chevrolet Malibu by Subaru of Spokane. Nick is quick to be humble about his military service and shys away from the limelight. It was a very humbling experience for him and you could tell he was overwhelmed with joy and appreciation for this new, fully paid vehicle.

Nick was recognized first at the Walmart store in Spokane, where he received the keys to his new vehicle. Besides Walmart, other sponsors that contributed to this event were Snapple, Dr. Pepper and Kuerig, as well as the outstanding support from American country music artist Trace Adkins. This Grammy-nominated megastar is no stranger to helping the troops. Trace was awarded the National Defense Industrial Associations award for being an exceptional leader and advocate for service members.  Adkins recently accomplished a personal milestone, by reaching his tenth USO tour in 13 years.

It was of no surprise then that Adkins would welcome onstage Nick, to shake his hand and to congratulate and thank him for his service in front of thousands of people at the Spokane County Fair on Tuesday. This came right after he played his famous song, “Still a Soldier”. A song which had concert goers on their feet and nostalgic for American Pride.

“It puts things into perspective when you meet a soldier.” states Trace Adkins. And as a true American gentleman who recognizes the sacrifice our military makes, Trace took off his hat to recognize retired U.S. Army Sergeant Nick Nicodemi.

Photographing the day’s events was especially awarding for me and meeting Trace Adkins and Nick Nicodemi, the deserving Veteran hero, put things into perspective for me as well. I came to understand the sacrifice our Troops make, and those who take the time to recognize them for it. For retired military veterans, my hat goes off too. For many who are home now, “They’re still soldiers”.

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