Toby Broemmerling, West Plains

Toby Broemmerling, West Plains Chamber of Commerce Executive Director

Toby is from Eastern Washington and grew up in the Lewiston Clarkston Valley. He attended Whitworth College and married a Medical Lake girl which drew him to the West Plains. Then for about 10 years starting in 2008 Toby volunteered and worked as staff for a faith-based nonprofit called Young Life serving the Medical Lake, Cheney, and Fairchild AFB youth and their families. It was the people and community that caused his wife and two kids to make the West Plains their home, passion, and purpose.

After serving with Young Life in the West Plains and Fairchild AFB on staff for 6 years, Toby accepted the position of Executive Director of the West Plains Chamber in January of 2018, and since then he has enjoyed learning, championing, and growing with the area.

For Toby, it’s exciting that the West Plains is one of the most diverse area in the entire country. There aren’t many areas that have a state university, a state mental hospital, a prison, a significant air force base, an international airport, three small cities with unique downtown cores, heavy industrial manufacturing, large employers, a trucking hub, 2 tribal nations with trust land, and rural farm land all just 15 minutes from a large metropolitan city. And not only is the West Plains unique in it’s makeup, the West Plains is also one of the fastest growing areas in the state for development.

Toby’s mantra for working with the West Plains Chamber is that “a rising tide lifts all boats” as he works with others to advance the area. It’s exciting to see it’s all working! The chamber’s role is to network, educate, and advocate for the businesses and organizations in the West Plains. The intentions include raising up the entire Spokane Region along with the West Plains area. The vision is big enough for everyone and the organization is there to unify and execute. Toby enjoys the fact that the West Plains and the Chamber is filled with many leaders who have a passion and vision for the area and a collaborative heart.

For more information about the chamber visit for more information or give Toby at call 509-747-8480.

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