Curtis Family Martial Arts

by Cassie Nixon

CFMA, or Curtis Family Martial Arts is American Freestyle martial art. It is combined with karate, taekwondo, Kung Fu, and Judo. Sensei Nichole Curtis has 34 years’ experience with black belts in each style. Her Wilbur, WA dojo welcomes ages 4 and up. She has three programs available: Mighty Mights, Juniors, and Adults, each program specialized for the age group. 

Classes teach self-defense, sportsmanship, patience, respect, honestly, loyalty, and dedication. The Curtis family takes pride in each person that comes in to their dojo. They have a passion for passing on the knowledge of the art. 

The Curtis family moved to Wilbur 8 years ago from the coast. They had operated three schools of karate there and began to see a need for the local children of Wilbur to have something to do. They opened their doors in April 2017 and have enjoyed it ever since. 

They have attended several Tournaments from Portland, OR to Lewiston, ID and the students have performed very well at each one. They have each come home carrying champion titles. Students attend about 4 Tournaments each year with the dojo. 

Classes are offered Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays year-round, since Martial Arts is a lifelong skill and requires consistency and true dedication in patience. Sensei Curtis recommends attending at least twice per week for full potential. 

She offers leadership opportunities for youth to learn to become junior leaders if they take an interest. She encourages academic achievement, and teaches bone anatomy, breathing technique, and concentration. 

Everyone is welcome, with every ability. CFMA also encourages the public to come try karate and offers new students 2 weeks (up to 6 lessons!) completely FREE! Call 509-828-3756 for more information.

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