Taste Budz Review Rancho Chico

By Zack & Brooklyn Bolin, Facebook: Taste Budz, Instagram: tastebudz_spokane

Zack and BrooklynRancho Chico never fails to impress us. Every time we come in, we receive excellent service, amazing food, and great prices.

What we enjoyed
~ Sunday Night Special
~ Carne Asada

I have regular menu items that I usually order, but I decided to switch it up this time. They have a different special for each day of the week and we visited on a Sunday. The Sunday night special included juicy marinated chicken in a flavorful tomato stew. The stew wasn’t spicy but instead had a salty, yet slightly sweet, flavor. There were chunks of onions and tomatoes that were like little flavor bombs. The dish was served with tortillas, beans, Spanish rice, and their delicious coleslaw.

Zack usually gets the Burrito Loco Azado but decided to switch it up as well and try their carne asada. He went with Rancho beans and did a double order of beans with no rice. In addition to the beans, the dish was served with grilled green onions, guacamole, coleslaw, and a pan-fried jalapeño. The steak was perfectly thin and tender and packed so much flavor with each bite. The guacamole added that pinch of freshness and the Rancho beans are a great option if you want to avoid all the fat in refried beans. The dish also came with a side or tortillas, but you almost didn’t need them, although we are never ones to complain about extra tortillas.

rancho chico

We regularly go to Rancho Chico in Colville and are proud to say we have NEVER had a bad experience. They are consistent, not only in their quality of service, but also their quality of food. I can confidently say this, considering I usually order the fajitas or Mario’s Burrito, and they taste the same every time. Consistency in food can be hard to find, especially in smaller towns because there tends to be high turnover in the kitchen. Not only can you expect phenomenal service and food, but you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to have a wonderful date night or family night. We almost never spend more than $50 on dinner and that includes entrees and drinks. They even have happy hour from 11-3 that includes flavored margaritas for $5.50.

Whatever the occasion, you can be sure to have a great night at Rancho Chico. If you aren’t near Colville, they do have a second location in Spokane that we have heard wonderful things about as well. Be sure to stop in next time you’re around.

Rancho Chico
151 N Main St.
Colville, WA 99114

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