Susi Wellness: Boosting Health and Fostering Connections in the Community

by Jessica Simpkins, MD

Imagine a wellness space where people of all financial abilities and backgrounds can gather to get to know one another and engage in various treatments and events to expand their minds and nurture their bodies. That is precisely the space Nymue Oberg and Meighan Rasley plan to create with the launch of Susi Wellness. On Thursday, March 9th, Nymue pitched Susi Wellness to an audience in Spokane Valley along with four other founders at a competition called Founder’s Live.

Nymue Oberg and Meighan Rasley

Nymue Oberg and Meighan Rasley

Nymue and Meighan were both raised in Spokane, ventured away from Spokane for several years, and ultimately returned. They met one another a little over a year ago through a program called Fit for Service (FFS). FFS provides digital content and in-person events to help people connect more deeply with themselves and return home better prepared to serve their communities.

Nymue recounts: “I grew up feeling very isolated, did not feel very accepted, and had to change myself in order to find a community to belong to. I moved to Portland and lived there for seven years where I learned a lot about myself and found a new community that accepted me for who I was. During that time, I came to know more about the holistic wellness community. I’ve had chronic stomach problems, and Western medicine was never able to relive my symptoms. So when I found yoga, meditation, and so many other alternative modalities to support my health and wellbeing, I knew I wanted to bring those same options and that same energy of acceptance to Spokane. We’ve had a lot of growth in Spokane since I left, and I think Spokane is primed for this space.”

Meighan echoes many of Nymue’s sentiments: “I’ve lived in Spokane on and off for 45 years, and I can tell you that 20 years ago, Spokane was not ready for this. But it is now!” While still in the planning phase, they have a clear vision of what they want their business to look like.

Ironically, both women had thought about opening up a sauna and cold-plunge center before meeting. When they shared the idea with each other, it was meant to be! “There are so many great health benefits to sauna and cold-plunge contrast therapy. It helps fight inflammation, which has a big impact in many diseases,” Nymue explains.

At this stage of their business development, Nymue and Meighan are continuing to write up their business plan, are looking for investors, grant opportunities, practitioners, and business coaches and are eager to hear from future customers. There is only one other place in Spokane that offers contrast therapy, and this dynamic duo plans to cultivate an atmosphere closer to that of Dutch Bros. Coffee than most medical spas.

“We’re looking for a space between 4,000 and 6,000 square feet so we can provide a variety of services and treatments. It will be a community-driven wellness center with a sauna, cold plunge, coffee and tea bar, yoga, acupuncture, IV treatments, massage, and a shop that features local artists. Some spaces, such as the sauna and cold-plunge will be run by our dedicated staff. But other spaces we will lease out to providers, like massage therapists or acupuncturists, to be able to host clients under our branding umbrella for one day a week,” Nymue shares.

“Meighan and I both take to heart the expression, ‘you are the average of the five people around you’. We want this space to provide nourishment to anyone who comes in, even if it’s just for a cup of coffee. Financial accessibility is very important to us, which is why we will offer everything ala carte. Almost anyone can afford a cup of coffee, and so they can benefit from the space around and get familiar with the other offerings we will have. We want to provide an upbeat, welcoming community space for everyone to enjoy,” Nymue continues.

When asked about the inspiration for their company’s name, Nyume explains the origin of the word Susi: “In Finnish, Susi means wolf. We liked using a Finnish word because the hot-cold contrast therapy we will be offering originated in Finland. Susi is also derived from an Egyptian word meaning lotus, which is a symbol of rebirth in Buddhist culture. And lastly, Susi is also a Hebrew name meaning rose or lily, which for us embodies a sense of femininity that we want to bring into this space.”

When asked about challenges they’ve faced, they mention the steep learning curve and the twists and turns that come with starting a business. “At first we were focused on creating revenue right away, but we ended up beating our heads against the wall. When we stopped doing that and asked ourselves what was in our heart, things really started clicking,” Meighan shares.

“Yeah, it’s like we have all the raw materials we need, we just need to bake the cake. We both have such an internal knowing that this is absolutely going to happen. It’s a matter of when, not if. And we’ve received great feedback from everyone. The biggest comment we hear is, ‘I want it to exist tomorrow!’” Nymue laughs.

Nymue’s biggest piece of advice to others who are feeling stuck and wanting to follow a different path is this: “All emotions are based in either fear or love. Focusing on where that fear is coming from, and finding the correct path to heal it in yourself and bring it into love is the best and quickest way to gain confidence in yourself and to quiet your inner turmoil. When that inner turmoil quiets down and you can listen to your heart, that’s when the path will illuminate itself and show you the next best step to bring you closer to your dreams.”

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