Storage Unit Theft, Chewelah

Our storage unit at Chewelah Mini Storage was broken into around the end of May. The thieves even went through our boxes, tore them open and took what they wanted, throwing what they didn’t want in a heap!  Following is a list of the stolen items. These people took their time in our unit. They cut our lock and replaced it with their own, so they could come back at their convenience. We know we are not the only victims in the area. We would really appreciate hearing from other victims. Also, if you have purchased or seen anything from our list or if you have any information please either contact us or the Chewelah Police Dept/ Sheriff’s Dept.  Thank you!

A handmade solid oak youth sized desk. Blonde colored. A pull out wooden board right where you sit. This will have kids type carving and writing on it. Several graduation years are on it. Four small square pull out drawers on the right with a swing open door below them. Inside the door are wooden slots for storing L.P. albums. The top is grey Formica with a chrome band all the way around it. Very unique handmade for my brother as a child.

Several Redwing Brand stone crocks gray and brown colors in varied sizes from 1 to 20 gallon

Child”s wooden rocking chair. Stained brown.

“White cedar” antique wooden butter churn

“LEM” brand meat grinder. Big Bite 1/3 hp. Still in box.

Antique silver flatware in wooden case with a cherry veneer.

Large red duffle bag with a fire fighter crest on the side full of wild land fire fighting clothing. The yellow shirts and green pants. Most noticeable a heavy yellow fire coat with a red liner.

Thank You-

Tim & Patty Ambacher
(509) 937-2723