Red Cross: Washington Wildfires Update 08-22-2015 – 11 a.m. update

08-22-2015 – 11 a.m. update

Red Cross Opens 13 Shelters in 7 Days; Ongoing Red Cross Wildfire Evacuation Shelter and Disaster Response Services

8-22-15:  The Red Cross continues to play a critical role in the wildfire response, providing sheltering and disaster services across the fire-impacted region. Since Friday, August 14, the Red Cross opened 13 shelters. Currently, eight shelters are operating providing a place to stay for 204 people last night. Casework assistance and heath and emotional support are ongoing as is distribution of clean-up items in the Chelan area.

Today, August 22, 2015

  • Red Cross staff are onsite and providing support, food, water and access to health services and emotional support at eight shelters across the region.
  • Three Red Cross caseworkers are available at Chelan Valley Hope, 417 Bradley St., Chelan, from 1-7 p.m.
  • Mobile distribution of clean-up items is ongoing in the wildfire-impacted Chelan area. An emergency response vehicle will be providing fire-affected residents with shovels, rakes, gloves, tarps and other items.

Eight Red Cross wildfire evacuation shelters are located:

Sterling Intermediate School

600 N. James

East Wenatchee, WA


Brewster Middle/High School

503 S. 7th Street

Brewster, WA


Columbia High School

4961 Hunter Shop Rd.

Hunters, WA


Lake Roosevelt High School

503 Central Way

Coulee Dam, WA



Loon Lake Elementary School

4001 Maple St.

Loon Lake, WA


Republic Elementary School

30306 Hwy 20 E

Republic, WA


Morgen Owings Elementary School

407 E. Woodin Ave

Chelan, WA


Grace Evangelical Free Church

851 S. Miner St.

Colville, WA



Eight shelters across Eastern Washington remain open to all local residents, 24/7. Shelters are a safe place to stay—day or night—and offer access to food, water, emergency relief supplies, health services, emotional support and recovery assistance. Visitors can also access showers, information updates and power to charge cell phones and laptops. Red Cross nurses are available for prescription refills and referrals alongside disaster mental health specialists to provide emotional support. Additional evacuation information is below

For Anyone Affected By Wildfires Who Needs Help:

Anyone impacted by the fires and who needs assistance can connect with a Red Cross caseworker:

  • Central WA/Chelan area: 509-670-5331 (Chelan, Douglas, Okanogan Counties)
  • Eastern WA/Spokane area: 509-496-3448 (Ferry and Stevens Counties)

For All other Red Cross inquiries:

Please call the local Red Cross office

  • Wenatchee office: 509-663-3907
  • Spokane office: 509-326-3330

Shelters are open to all local residents, regardless of citizenship status and overnight stays are not required.

The Red Cross urges people to be prepared and aware of fire risks and conditions. Download the Red Cross Wildfire App:

For emotional support, please call 1-800-985-5990.

The Red Cross always welcomes new volunteers. If you are interested in making a difference in your community, please go to

Anyone evacuating to a Red Cross shelter should bring the following essential items for each member of the family:

  • Prescription and emergency medications
  • Foods that meet unusual dietary requirements
  • Identification and important personal documents
  • Extra clothing, pillows, blankets, towels, hygiene supplies and other comfort items
  • Supplies needed for children and infants, such as diapers, formula and toys
  • Special items for family members who are elderly or disabled
  • Note: Public health regulations do not permit pets in shelters. Trained assistance animals are permitted.

Chelan area: Pets are welcome with the Wenatchee Valley Humane Society at 1474 S. Wenatchee Ave.

Brewster area: WASART has established a pet sheltering site near the Red Cross shelter at the Brewster Middle/High School. Pets are welcome.

Brewster Vet Clinic has limited availability. Call 509-689-2616

Ferry County: Pets are welcome at Forget Me Not Shelter, 49 W Curlew Lake Rd, Republic, WA 99166.

Stevens and Ferry County: SpokAnimal can help with small pet sheltering. Call 509-995-6010, 509-994-4442 or 509-993-4071.

The Red Cross is not accepting donations of items at its shelters at this time. The most effective way to support Red Cross disaster services is through a financial donation. If you would like to support the work of the Red Cross in response to disasters big and small, you can make a financial gift at or call 1-800-RED-CROSS.