Letters to the Editor…State of Liberty

Writing from the perspective of being a private property owner, I have to say that the Hirst Decision was the single worst decision made in the history of the State!  It’s only near rival for altogether devastating effects on property rights would have to be the adoption of the Growth Management Act (GMA).


Yet Hirst only exists to facilitate the allowance of “Water banking” and acts as a bridge to link GMA with the outright takeover of our private water supply, which private property owners have had the right to since the State was established in 1889.


This egregious series of events leading up to the all-out takeover of our private property’s water rights points to a contrived plan from the beginning, doesn’t it?  “He who controls the water controls the people”… and every aspect of their lives forever after.  That concentration of power on the water supply was meant to be illegal through all our checks and balances.


The facts of the water supply in WA State say that we have SO much water available statewide that the only state in the USA that actually has more water than we do is…you’ll never guess…Florida!  That is how much water our State has!  Who are they kidding to try and say we don’t have enough water here for everybody to use?  It is an outright lie, only lending itself to the ownership of our water that THEY were never meant to have.


What is the solution?  I truly believe the only legal solution at this point would be for everyone to join in the effort to split the State into the 51st State of “Liberty”.  According to television news polls, 73% of the people are in favor of the action.  That means that if representative government officials that just got elected want to truly REPRESENT their constituents who put them into office, then they had better be in full agreement with 73% of their people.  And that was an open poll spanning across both parties, so both Democrats and Republican elected officials need to pay attention.


“We the People” want to split the State!  Our reps and all other elected offices need to reflect our will in their priorities of actions.  Getting all of us freed from the ridiculous entrapment of Hirst and water banking can only be solved by splitting the state and removing their whole corrupt system from our lives, to one of a responsible, representative government of the people. A figure of 73% doesn’t lie!  A figure of 73% says it can get done without any problem whatsoever.  In fact,  73% says we need to get it done as soon as humanly possible so we can go back to putting wells on our property and being able to buy, sell, develop, and live as our laws say we should be able to.  Decide to back this effort and make the stand!


-Rene’ Holaday
President of the Stevens County Property Rights Group (SCPRG)