Chewelah Chamber of Commerce – Working hard for you!

by Mike Bentz


Buying local is important by helping Chewelah continue to be a great place to live, work and do business.


“Going local does not mean walling off the outside world.  It means nurturing locally owned businesses which use local sources sustainably, employ workers at decent wages and serves primarily local consumers.  It means becoming more self-sufficient and less dependent on outside services and products.  Control moves from the boardrooms of distant corporations and back into the community where it belongs” (Michael Shuman from the book Going Local)


Buying local means: job creation in the community, keeps the money recirculating in the community (studies show an average of 73% of dollars spent locally stay in the community through wages, donations, taxes to fund city services, purchase of goods and services from other local businesses), keeps the sense of community intact, promotes great customer service and supports entrepreneurship.   For example, for every $1 of revenue generated by a local business, 73 cents goes back into the local community.  That 73 cents is then recycled in the community an average of 3.5 times. Therefore, the economic benefit of doing business locally is $2.52 for every $1 of revenue generated by that business.


A big box retailer only generates 13.6% and an e-retailer only generates 7.9% back into the community with little additional revenue being generated.


Buying local “is” important for the growth of our community.


Chamber Bucks


Chamber Bucks* come in the form of a coupon and are used in local shops in Chewelah. Chamber Bucks are a great way to support your local businesses.  Statistics show for every dollar spent in the local community it is has an economic impact of 3.5 times coming back into the community. If you receive chamber bucks they are the same as cash and can be used at a participating Chewelah business. Around the holidays Chamber Bucks they are a great stocking stuffer, employee reward, a gift for the person that has everything or just a way to say thank you.


Ask if ‘Chamber Bucks’ are accepted or look for the “Redeem your Chamber Bucks Here” sign in the window of  local businesses.


* Where do you buy “Chamber Bucks”?


Chamber Bucks are for sale at the Chewelah Chamber of Commerce office. (401 S. Park, Chewelah, WA – call 509-935-8595 for more information)


Volunteers needed in 2018


The Chewelah Chamber of Commerce is looking for organizations, groups or individuals willing to adopt-a-block.  This is a great way to “pay it forward” or complete a community service project. You would be in charge of watering, weeding and keeping that area clean.  Time Frame would be Mother’s Day through September – Location Highway 395.


If this is something you or your organization would be interested in, please contact the Chamber at 509-935-8595.


The Chewelah Chamber is comprised of more than 200 businesses and individuals. 30 to 40 of these members get together weekly to discuss how the Chewelah area can continue to be a destination for people or businesses wanting to relocate or visit for recreation and relaxation.  You can join this dynamic group by calling Sandi (935-8595) at the Chamber offices.


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