The Greater Springdale Loon Lake Chamber of Commerce

The Greater Springdale Loon Lake Chamber of Commerce met recently at the Springdale Fire Station.


Our guest speaker was Sarah Cotter, vice president of the Clayton Fair.  She is also the very successful grant writer for the Clayton Fair and came to talk about raising money for a non-profit organization.  Sarah explained that the first requirement is that your organization be a 501(c) (3).  Next, she said when dealing with grants, you must read very carefully the requirements.  If you find you qualify it is very important to send all the information they require in one package. Many of the grants Sarah has won are reimbursement grants.  Most companies expect exposure/advertising if they agree to donate.  The Fair is diligent to advertise for donating companies such as N.W. Farm Credit, N40, and others.  Seeking grants online is very effective but you must be keenly aware of whether you meet the requirements or not.  Another issue is to respond promptly when working with a granting entity in order to build a relationship. The Clayton Fair has a great reputation with its supporters because of Sarah’s diligence and responsiveness. And be sure to send a thank you. This might get you help next year too!  Another idea is e-scrip. Like a gift card, it will give a percentage to your non-profit when the card is spent. If your organization is lacking in computers or other technology, to aid in your search for funding see   They help nonprofits obtain electronic devices.  Grant Station is an online program that is very valuable and every non-profit should check that out.


Andrew Engell, who handles the business issues for the Colville office of Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers, attended.  The House has passed a forestry act that allows FEMA to pick up the tab on the big fires, leaving operating budget for ordinary operations.


Bryan Tidwell, manager of Loon Lake and Chewelah libraries will be offering tech help every Friday afternoon, at the Loon Lake Library, beginning on the 17th, from 1-3pm.  So bring any tech question or problem and he will help you for free.


The community garden group, organized by the Springdale Together Coalition, had their first planning meeting October 9.  The location will be on town property on the corner of Aspen and Hwy 231.  It is approximately 100×100 feet.  Subjects covered include organics, stewardship, leadership, teamwork, nutrition.  If you would like to participate call 253-370-9562 for more information or see Linda at the Springdale Health Association.  Online meetings are being conducted in order to avoid winter travel.


Dawn Gronlund –– is now selling USDA beef in a box of 45-50 lbs.  She is donating a box to Hearts and Horses 501 (c) (3) to use as a raffle fundraiser so at-risk kids can learn to love horses.  Tickets are $5.00 and the box of the very best beef ½ hamburger, ¼ steaks,1/4 roasts will be awarded by drawing December 18th.  See the website or call Jenn, executive director of Hearts and Horses at 509-496-6995 if you would like to purchase tickets. Tickets are available at Legacy Farm and Stable, 4061 Hwy 292, Loon Lake.


Rick Winters, superintendent of Mary Walker Schools reported that sports are going well.  The school is pursuing the “summit” program where each student can have a Chrome Book and then as a result can have personalized learning.  And a new tech thing for our rural area: a device the student can take home as a portable hotspot.  This is terrific for those kids that cannot get internet at home.  Mr. Winters has nothing but praise for his staff of teachers.  Mr. Winters will be the chamber speaker for January and he invited chamber members to come in January to the school so we can see this cool tech equipment that is bringing our children up to speed with the rest of the world.


Our speaker next month, December 7 will be our President Jessie Turney and she will talk about the phenomenal success she has had marketing her kitty toys online.

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