Fruitland Service: Thank You!

Fruitland Service extends a huge Thank You! to everyone who supported our community during the Carpenter Road Fire. We are very proud of our amazing community and each and every one of you who helped in a time of need.

All the Recipients of the Fruitland Fire Family Donation Funds would like extend their gratitude to everyone who contributed. Listed alphabetically: Ron Amos, Lorne, Amber, and Riley Brunson, Eric Gusek, Rose, Lyle and Leah Lehrbas and family, Victoria Secret, and Priscilla aka Cill Titus.

Many Thanks to:
– All the folks who for 10 days and countless hours staged, organized and distributed donations at the Fruitland Service Donation Center to all the firefighters, community and families affected by the fire.
– Ginger and Leah who set their lives aside to make the Donation center happen with their awesome attitudes and unbiased compassion. Ginger and Leah made countless phone calls over endless hours. You are amazing young women. We are all so proud of you!
– All the folks who stepped up to organize collection, donate, purchase, and/or deliver goods to Fruitland.
– Everyone who volunteered to donate and /or cook for the firefighters.
– All the folks who helped with the fundraiser meals that were used to help the fire families. Special thanks to organizers Jenifer Budweg-Sawyer and the
Enterprise Ladies Club.
– The online Facebook community who proved imperative to receiving and distributing the donations.
– The firefighters, from near and far who made us feel safer and not alone….
– Everyone and anyone who gave us words of support, encouragement, hugs and understood what the community was going thru and offered to help in
any way they could.
– All the folks who we may of missed in this Thank You. Your kindness will always be remembered even if your name is not here.
– The crowdfunding sites, and those who contributed to them for the families.
– Our local Fire District #2 Volunteers, we cannot Thank You enough!

Our Community came together, forgetting any differences and helped each neighbor they could. The experience was confirmation of what a great place Fruitland is to live, but we knew that already. Words cannot express our heartfelt gratitude.

A free thank you Spaghetti Dinner is being offered by the Greenwood Park Grange for the community and everyone who provided support.
October 24, 5:30pm-7:30pm. Bring your favorite cookies to share for dessert. Prize for Top Cookie!

Carpenter Road T shirts, Hats and Hoodies are still available at the store. 100% fundraiser for District #2 volunteers.

This Thank You ad made possible by Susan Conrad who sent contributions, support and prayers.

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