Find a Healthier You at Coulee Chiropractic

By Bonnie Stichart

“Oh, my aching back!”

“Why doesn’t the crick in my neck get better?”

“Why do these headaches keep coming back?”

“My feet are killing me!”

These are common complaints that doctors often hear, but don’t always have an answer for.  However, the one that may be able to help is a Doctor of Chiropractic. Coulee Chiropractic, Inc., started by Dr. Tyrone Trexler, D.C., is where the search for better health can start. Dr. Trexler and his staff are knowledgeable, experienced, and caring.

Dr. Trexler understands that people may be skeptical about the benefits of chiropractic care; he was originally skeptical, too.  Then, during a high school football game, he suffered an injury to his lower back. “My mother made me go to a chiropractor,” he said with a laugh.  By the end of the treatment he was grateful to his mother and convinced of the value of chiropractic methods.


Dr. Trexler – a Coulee City native – attended Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa.  The school was established in 1897 by the founder of chiropractic medicine, D.D. Palmer.  Dr. Trexler was there for the centennial celebration.


After graduation, Dr. Trexler returned to Coulee City to begin his chiropractic service.  He chose his hometown for a number of reasons, foremost being that he knew the people.  “I’m a rural doc,” he said.  “I enjoy the people I serve.  I’m able to give them a quality of service not typically found in small towns.”


Coulee Chiropractic started out small – two rooms leased from local grain growers and sharing the reception area with Coulee City Medical Center.  Over time, the practice grew – a lot! Besides the Coulee City location, there are now offices in Davenport, Odessa, and Wilbur.  The staff has grown from one to ten, including Dr. Troy Eldridge, D.C. at the Davenport office, three massage therapists, and an x-ray technician. This staff and these locations allow patients to receive quality care without driving long distances or spending a lot of money on services.


Not all chiropractors deal with insurance companies, but Coulee Chiropractic does.  It is more work, Dr. Trexler explained.  “There is a larger regulatory burden. To satisfy insurance companies and Medicare, there are rules and guidelines we must follow.  There are even standards for electronic health records.”Those who don’t have insurance that will cover chiropractic care needn’t worry.  Prices are fair and competitive.


Chiropractic care has been accepted as safe, effective, and affordable for musculoskeletal disorders.  This assessment is not just by chiropractors, but the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) has said as much.  One of the goals of chiropractic care is to find the cause of pain, not simply alleviate pain.


“People need to use the best tools for the problem at hand,” Dr. Trexler stated.  First things first: the source of the pain has to be located.  One of the tools for that is digital x-rays.  Instead of traditional photographic film, digital X-ray sensors are used.  This is faster because the film doesn’t have to be developed, and an added bonus is the ability to digitally transfer and enhance images.  The most important tool is the doctor’s knowledge about the human body and the nature of pain.


The source of muscle and joint pain is not always obvious.  For example, problems in the back can cause headaches or pain in the feet. Spinal problems can irritate nerves and inflame tissue, which are sometimes quite a distance from the spine.


The word “chiropractic” comes from two Greek words that loosely mean “done by hand.”  Sometimes, though, a tool can be useful. One tool that Dr. Trexler uses is an activator.  It allows for precise amounts of pressure to be used for particular applications. Massage is not just a “feel good” treatment and muscle relaxer, but when done before or after chiropractic treatment it can help the treatment to be more effective.


“I enjoy one-on-one time with my patients,” Dr. Trexler said.  “I take the time to educate my patients so they understand their problems and understand what it takes to get better.”  That education can involve lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise – the obvious changes – but also the correction of poor posture, learning safe lifting techniques, becoming less reliant on medications, and more.


Coulee Chiropractic has a website – – with much information about chiropractic medicine, what it can do for the patient, and links to articles from the ChiroPlanet newsletter.  The four offices have different hours.  To talk with a human, call the office nearest to you. The numbers are:


Davenport Office: 509-681-0767

Wilbur Office: 509-647-5500

Odessa Office: 509-982-2880

Coulee City Office: 509-632-8668


Coulee Chiropractic, Inc. has high standards.  Clinics in a big city might be larger, but they are not necessarily better.  Dr. Trexler and his staff take pride in providing high-quality chiropractic care “in the way it’s supposed to be done,” as Dr. Trexler put it.

Aches and pains have always been a part of life, but with the acceptance of chiropractic as a valid medical treatment, we now have another option for treating these problems.  Schedule your free consultation at Coulee Chiropractic and start your journey to good health.

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