Dependency of Politicians

When corruption becomes universal, it appears normal.

Our elections seem normal. Few question the legitimacy of a government whose politicians are dependent on billionaires. The people get to vote, so everything seems fine.

Yet, it is the dependency of the politician which dictates who is master of governmental power.

If the politician feels that the party has placed him or her in power, then the politician will do as the party dictates. The party, of course, is a hierarchy with billionaires at the top. Once the party taps a politician, then billionaires from around the country pour money into the politician’s campaign fund. With all that outside money, the viable competition for office narrows to only party cronies.

So we have an oligarchy that is veiled in a democracy. Everything is fine and normal. We get to vote. The politicians, media, and schools tell us we are in charge. Half the people are getting a government handout or a government contract, so they will not rock the boat. So the politicians give away our currency to private, so-called federal reserve, bankers; they put the country $17 trillion dollars in debt (perhaps it will be $18 trillion when this goes to press); they wage wars of aggression; they spy on the people; they search people without probable cause; they infringe upon the right of the people to keep and bear arms; they tax us without representation, for truly they do not represent the people. Yet everything is just fine because we get to vote for one or the other puppet of some faction of billionaires.

The dependency of the politicians is the key.

Do you acquiesce to a government in which the people are not truly represented? Or do you tell your neighbors that you oppose this farce of a democracy?

Roger Whitten
Deer Park, WA


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