Choice Marketing: “It’s your Choice all under one Roof!”

by Amy McGarry

In today’s world, we have so many decisions to make when it comes to the technology we use. We get ads in the mail every week from different television providers. Every other commercial on TV promotes a different cell phone provider. Then we have to consider internet and security; it takes hours of research and a complicated spreadsheet to sort it all out. And of course, we want the best bang for our buck!

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone who knew all about the industry could help you make the best choice for your needs and save you some money? What if you could even try out your options? Voila! Choice Marketing, a small business right in Spokane is here to do just that for you!

Jeremy Zollinger

Choice Marketing is the brainchild of brothers-in-law Jeremy Zollinger (president) and Anthony Leavitt (vice president). Originally from Calgary, Alberta, the two spent the summer of 2004 in Spokane as college students and fell in love with the area. The mountains, lakes and rivers remind them of home in Canada, only with milder temperatures. They might even argue that coming from Calgary, their concept of cold is completely different from those of us from south of the border. It helped that Anthony’s wife is from Spokane. Outdoor activities like skiing, camping and dirt biking give Jeremy and Anthony the perfect way to spend free time in their favorite activity, being dads. With seven kids between them, they get lots of practice at that.
“It’s cool being a dad,” says Jeremy, who coaches his daughter’s volleyball team and loves being involved in his kids’ activities.

Anthony Leavitt

Jeremy and Anthony started Choice Marketing in 2006 because they saw a need in the community. They found that people were overwhelmed by all the options they had for television, internet, phone and security providers. They created Choice Marketing to be a one-stop-shop where customers could come to get professional guidance on these decisions. They help answer questions like: What television provider will give me what I want to watch for the best value? Then, fitted with their best option, Choice Marketing provides the customer with same-day, custom installation of the products. While television, internet and phone have been staples in consumer’s homes for a while now, they are seeing an increasing demand for more advanced security systems that offer remote home security, lighting and climate control as well as secure real-time video.

Like any technology business, Choice Marketing is challenged with the changes that happen at the speed of light. For example, they have to stay on their toes to keep up with the ever-changing television technology. They frequently attend trainings and seminars to stay educated in order to give the best guidance to their customers.

The pandemic and the ensuing mandates have had a huge impact on Choice Marketing. As an essential business, their office remained open. However, they rely on home shows, fairs, and other live events to market their services. Those have almost all been cancelled. At the same time, with so many more people working from home and with students attending school online, they’ve seen an increase in demand for reliable internet options, especially in rural communities. This demand has led to Choice Marketing providing new cellular devices that provide unlimited data. Customers can even opt to rent these if needed for the short-term, or to try them out to see how they work for them.

Even though Choice Marketing is located in Spokane, Jeremy and Anthony offer a great value to the surrounding rural areas of Eastern Washington. “We love the rural folks,” notes Jeremy. He is proud that Choice Marketing can offer a “huge value” to busy farmers and others who don’t have time to research all their technology options.

Jeremy likens Choice Marketing to an insurance broker. In his case, they are professionals who represent consumers in their search for the best product. They’re primary concern is the customer, not promoting one technology company over another.

The goal of the folks at Choice Marketing is helping people. They say they love every aspect of the business, especially educating their customers so they can make well-informed choices. They have a passion for helping customers set up their homes with smart devices and lowering their bills.

Who doesn’t want a simpler approach to these complicated decisions? Wouldn’t it be nice to save some cash in the process? You could call three different 1-800 numbers for three different companies and get your spreadsheet started. Or you could give Choice Marketing a call or visit them at their shop and let them do the hard work for you. They promise to put your needs first and do their best to make you happy with your choices and give you the best deal possible.