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by Bonnie Stichart

Arrow Propane is about more than propane.  It’s about service.  It’s about safety.  Arrow Propane is made up of people who care about their customers.  To Ed Hansen and Paul Ward, the founders and sole owners of Arrow Propane, customers are not just a number or a plus on the profit ledger.  They are family.

Ed Hansen

Most of us are familiar with propane; even if we don’t use it, we see the tanks everywhere!  But what, exactly, is propane?

Propane is a by-product of natural gas processing and petroleum refining.  It is one of several liquefied petroleum gases (LPG).  Almost all of the propane used in the United States is produced here; only about 10% is imported.  After it is made, propane is stored in huge salt caverns that can hold millions of barrels.  The propane is then shipped out by pipelines, truck, ship, barge, and trains to companies that distribute it.

That’s where Arrow Propane comes in.  Not only can they store large amounts of propane, they can transport it to their customers.

That brings us to the next question which is: What, beside backyard grills, do people use propane for?

The surprising answer is – almost everything!  Almost anything that can be powered by electricity or gasoline can be powered by propane.  Because it can be safely used indoors, it is commonly used to power forklifts.  It is also used for some cars, locomotives, buses, and ice resurfacing machines.

“Now you’re cooking with gas!”

Cooking is probably the first home use of propane that comes to mind.  But did you know that an entire house can be run on propane?  Everything – heat, lights, refrigerators, freezers, and water heaters – can all be safely powered by propane.  For those items that do need electricity – computers come to mind – they can be run off generators powered by propane.

For those who want to live off-grid, but with all the comforts of civilization, propane is a wonderful solution. It is easily transported and just as easily stored.

People who live in town or the suburbs will find that propane is both easy to use and economical.  Natural gas may cost less, but it needs a pipeline to bring it to your home.  Electricity is easy – every home has it – but is more expensive than propane.  And for anyone concerned about a big propane tank in the back yard being an eyesore, there are tanks that can be buried.

We are beginning to see how essential Arrow Propane is to our community.

Propane is safe!

Propane does not have an odor, so a chemical with a distinctive smell is added to quickly alert people to leaks.  Propane has a smaller carbon footprint than either electricity or oil, and it produces fewer pollutants than oil.  It also doesn’t produce the carbon monoxide that gasoline engines do, so it is safe to use indoors.

Paul Ward

Arrow Propane to the rescue!

One of the things that concern Ed and his crew the most is customer safety.  If a customer smells propane, or has any concern at all, someone at Arrow Propane is always available to check it out and answer questions at any time.  That’s every day, around the clock.  Don’t worry about interrupting dinner or calling in the middle of the night. Safety is a top priority at Arrow Propane.

Another priority is fair pricing.  Their prices are competitive and there are no hidden fees.  As they are a small, local company, there are no stockholders to be catered to, nor are there any high-maintenance company officers.  There’s just Ed Hansen, Paul Ward, office manager Valerie Seavey, and service manager Jim Heilman.  But between the four of them they are able to run the company and take care of customers all around Spokane and in outlying areas, such as Deer Park, Davenport, and even in Coeur d’Alene.

Experience counts!

Arrow Propane may be small, but they have a lot of experience in the propane business.  Ed has been working with propane since 1985 and Paul for almost ten years longer.  Jim is just a young sprout so has “only” about 14 years experience.

Arrow Propane is a new venture; it was started in June of 2014.  But with their combined experience in the propane business, and their dedication to customer safety and satisfaction, they are a sure bet to be around for a long time.

The most common reasons for customers to call are that they have run out of propane or that they smell a leak.  The first problem is easy to avoid; have Arrow Propane deliver on a regular schedule.  If a customer doesn’t want to do that, then Arrow will fill up the tank as soon as possible after the call.  Leaks are the probably the most disconcerting problem, and Arrow Propane is understanding of that.  When service is set up they show the customer how to turn off the propane in the event of a leak.  When called, they come as fast as they can and work hard to find and correct the problem.

Sometimes the problem can be quite unusual.  Ed relates that some years ago a customer had a leak in the underground line.  He discovered that the line was being chomped on by moles!  Underground lines are now made with a product that is not attractive to moles.

Arrow Propane is a full-service company.  Besides delivering, they also set up tanks, complete hookups, and do regular safety checks.

The Arrow Propane office is located at 11319 E. Carlisle, Spokane Valley 99206; office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.  The phone number is 509-919-4178.  After office hours the phone is routed to Ed, who is more than willing help everyone who calls.  There is also a a website with  information about propane and the services offered by Arrow Propane:


Before ending my conversation with Ed I had to know; what is the significance of the name Arrow Propane? I was thinking straight arrow, honesty, fast service – and Arrow Propane is all these things.  He told me the name comes from a dog, a very special Blue Heeler named Arrow. The Huckleberry Hound can’t help but like that!

When you talk with Ed, Jim, Valerie or Paul, do tell them you read about Arrow Propane in the Huckleberry Press!



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