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Meet Spokane Author Amy McGarry

By Huckleberry Press / March 11, 2022 /
Amy McGarry

Eastern Washington is home to many talented and creative writers. The romantic landscapes, rich history, and cozy communities of our region are the perfect nest for creative talent.

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An excerpt from Amy McGarry’s latest book, Culture Shock: My Marriage to a Moroccan Muslim

By Huckleberry Press / January 24, 2022 /
Culture Clash

My heart skipped a beat when I saw him waiting for me at the Istanbul airport. He looked cool, calm and collected, as he always did. No beaming smile of welcome, very little show of emotion. This trait of his was still mysteriously alluring, even a year later.

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An Excerpt from Amy McGarry’s newest book: Culture Clash

By Huckleberry Press / November 24, 2021 /
Culture Clash

In Amy McGarry’s first book, I am Farang: Adventures of a Peace Corps Volunteer in Thailand, she recounts meeting her future husband, leaving questions unanswered about what happened after she and Mustapha went their separate ways. In her latest book, Culture Clash: My Marriage to a Moroccan Muslim, she details the four-year long-distance courtship that results in their marriage. She also candidly discloses the challenges of an intercultural marriage. The following is an excerpt from Culture Clash.

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Ode to April 15th: A (Very) Brief History of Taxation

By Huckleberry Press / April 18, 2024 /

Thus, I learned at a fairly young age the importance of paying taxes and would continue to hear versions of this truism throughout my adult years.

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What a Fool Believes: Happy April Fools’ Day!

By Huckleberry Press / March 28, 2024 /
april fools day

by Amy McGarry Are you mischievous by nature? Do you love a good prank? Your day is here! On April 1st people around the world will celebrate practical joke day.…

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Let Them Eat Pie!

By Huckleberry Press / March 14, 2024 /

March 14 (3/14) is celebrated around the world as Pi Day. But what is pi, anyway? Pi was a big deal in high school geometry. We learned that pi (Greek letter “π”) is the symbol used in mathematics to represent a constant – the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter – which is approximately 3.14.

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Leap Year 2024

By Huckleberry Press / February 29, 2024 /

When I was eight years old, I made a new friend whose birthday was on February 29. She told me that our calendar only has February 29 every four years. She said it’s called a leap year. What? She only has a birthday every four years? That’s crazy! I was dumbfounded.

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Cupid, Draw Back Your Bow

By Huckleberry Press / February 19, 2024 /

The indigenous people of Alaska have dozens of words for snow. Yet, despite what we all understand, on some level, the English language has one word for love. I love to read. I really love pizza. I love my daughter with all my heart. Shouldn’t we have different words for these loves?

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January’s Wolf Moon

By Huckleberry Press / January 22, 2024 /

The Arctic front that brought eastern Washington and north Idaho brutal cold with sub-zero temperatures and ferocious wind chills earlier this month swept away the mass of clouds that made our world gray.

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Vets on the Farm: From Serving our Country to Stewards of the Land

By Huckleberry Press / January 18, 2024 /

We Americans are assured of security and safety thanks to men and women who have made countless sacrifices by serving in the armed forces. We could never do enough to thank them for their service. But we can do our best to support Veterans when they return to civilian life.

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