A rapidly growing website is helping connect buyers and sellers quickly, efficiently and, at the same time, benefitting them both. Dave Varabioff of Goldbay Pawn in Spokane recently looked at the inventory in his pawn shops and said to himself, “There has to be a better way.”


The traditional method of selling almost anything online entails posting items on websites like Craigslist, eBay, Amazon, etc. Sellers also find buyers through newspaper ads, pay-per-click ad campaigns online, radio ads, etc. Dave was not satisfied with these ways of selling so he came up with “WoW me.”


Here is how it works:

As a buyer you will go to the website and place an ad stating what you are seeking and how much you want to spend.  For example, if you want an iPhone you would place an ad that says, “I want an Iphone6 and I am willing to spend $250.” Placing an ad takes about 30 seconds of your time. All of the sellers that are on the website offering iPhones will get notifications that you are looking for an Iphone6 and that you are willing to spend $250. The sellers will now make offers to you and try to “wow you” to get you to do business with them.



You may have eight or nine offers in a very short period of time. Of the offers you receive, someone may say they will give you the Iphone6, a free charger, free shipping and an 180-day warranty.  If you haven’t acted on this offer and someone else looking for an Iphone6 sees that deal is still available, they can steal it. As a buyer, you have buying power because you have eight or nine people coming to you wanting to do business with you rather than you shopping around for the best deals.


This website also helps vendors. Sellers don’t have to post items online and spend time and energy hoping that you will find their product, that they have it priced right, and that you will buy from them rather than some of the big box stores. Now vendors can match up their inventory to buyers who are already in place and create a “WoW” transaction.


This also works for non-tangible items.  For example: “I have $60 for a massage  WoW Me!  or “It’s Wednesday night in Spokane, I’m bored and I want to take my wife out for dinner and I have $70   WoW Me!” Restaurants that are slow on a Wednesday night will love to have you come in.


This exciting new methodology for buying and selling will have a positive impact for buyers and sellers alike. It’s even better that Wowme is a Spokane-based company! Visit for more information and to set up your account.



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