This ones for you!

by Amber Jensen,

This is for the single people wondering what all the fuss is about. It’s for the couple that weathered the storms of decades and now sits holding hands watching the sunset of life. I’m writing this for the newly weds, naive, and full of butterflies that soon curl up in their chrysalis of life’s transformative journey. 

This piece is for the children, looking up at their mother, thinking they’ll never ever meet another person on the planet that gets them quite like she does. And it’s for the widow and widower that hold on to a love that once connected them to the infinite and now burrows a hole in their being. 

This is for those lovers that fear letting the world know they love outside the box, for the double Ms. and double Mr. couples that wish their family and friends could accept them. And I’m thinking of those lost and lonely souls that are struggling to love themselves and hope to someday find another person that understands them. 

And it’s for the lovers that hold it all in their hands and hearts, for the friends that have sworn off love and of course, for those that seem to never or always have a love worth dying for. 

Because when it all shakes down, love is what we make it. It’s what we say it is and it’s how we choose to show up to live inside it’s glow. 

This may not be how you view love or how you think it is but stay with me for a moment. What if love isn’t a way we feel but instead a method of life, a way we interact with others and with life?

Imagine if love was experienced fully as accepting what is and what isn’t and allowing it all to just be. Then, decide exactly what you will bring to that space. Free from expectation and longing and resistance. 

Imagine if love was something we brought to life, something birthed into existence, instead of something we give or receive. What if love isn’t something to wait and pine for but something to cultivate and nurture in our own space, our own souls. 

Imagine the freedom of a world where love is something we create and carry with us to warm our own hearts and share with others. 

So this really is for you, for the loved and unloved, the lost and lonely, and those plump with juicy luscious long-lived love. 

You are love. You are loved. You are the space that fills with a warm glow and presses against everything in the world that would go against it. 

So, be single, be a partner forever, be yourself, be gay, be alone, be new, be fresh, be a parent, be a sibling, a spouse, a child. Be alive, be sad or sappy. Be filled or be empty but for the sake of all things that make life worth living and living well, be love. 

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