The Stonerose

by Karen Giebel


When my kids were little we went searching for Fossils at one of the sites around Buffalo, NY where we lived. And boy oh boy did they ever have a great time! What kid doesn’t like exploring and discovery with a side of rocks and dirt? I remember all the Trilobites they found and came running to me with “LOOK Mom, LOOK at what I found!”  Well, up here in Ferry County we have a premier fossil site where kids both young and old can dig to their heart’s content and even get to take some home with them.


Welcome to The Stonerose, an Eocene Epoch Fossil Center right here in the heart of Republic, Washington. The flora and fauna found in the shale rock are 50 million years old! That many years ago the area that is now Republic, was a lake. Over the millennia, the lake dried up and the flowers, plants, insects and more became embedded in shale. Can you just imagine your child’s excitement when taking a little hammer and chisel in hand and tapping a piece of Shale to split it open and finding a leaf that has not been seen in 50 million years? Wow! Just wow!


This summer why not pack up the kids in the car, and head North to Ferry County for an afternoon of fossil hunting. Pack a picnic lunch and enjoy it right across the street at Patterson Park. Fossils, Picnic tables, and a playground will make for an unforgettable day up here in Ferry County!