The Juiced Olive – New Addition!

Our newest regularly appearing column, The Juiced Olive focusing on health and fitness will be authored by Ronda Hossfeld. We would like to share a little about her before we turn you loose on her first article.


For the last 5 years, Ronda has been an active NPC Figure competitor with a wide range of placements, most recently taking home the coveted overall title. She has now earned the right to compete nationally in the NPC Figure class. Not only is she an amazing athlete, she is also a devoted parent and wife and loves making people laugh as well as helping others live a fit and healthy lifestyle. We hope you enjoy our newest Huckleberry as much as we enjoy working with her!       


The Juiced Olive

By Ronda Hossfeld

Living in a rural community can have its own complications for health and fitness. The gym may be an hour or more away if one is even available. Healthy food stores, supplement centers, etc. may not be within driving distance.Through the Juiced Olive we’re going to  explore lifestyle options that are available to you, now, to help you make the health and life changes you desire. No gym near? No problem, we’re going to help develop workouts suited for your goals based on available “equipment.” Although the supplement center may not be near by it  doesn’t have to mean you are limited on healthy food choices – were going to cover some of those options as well.   


Let me first to say I am not a doctor, nor do I claim to be any sort of medical expert. I am simply basing the information that I write about from my own personal journey. My goal is to share my passion for health with you and maybe even infect you with it!


I started my journey five years ago. I was out of shape and not even close to healthy. I suffered from chronic stomach issues, constipation, headaches, sleepless nights, among other issues. Having a desk job did not help my laziness, my lack of focus, my willpower, or my desire to change. I figured I could just take a pill and it would help eliminate any issue I had. Then, one Thursday I realized that I couldn’t fit into my pants anymore. I suddenly felt uncomfortable in ALL of my clothes. I always considered myself “skinny-fat”; it was at that moment that I couldn’t consider myself that anymore.


I have always been interested in being “fit” or “active”. I read magazines that had beautiful fit women on the cover. Their muscular arms, tight legs, nice rear-end and abs. Oh, what I would give to have an ab,  just one ab! I envied those women and wanted to make a change, not only for my husband but for my family as well. I wanted to actually keep up with the kids and I looked forward to not having to make excuses as to why mommy can’t play. I also wanted to do it for me, to show myself I DID have the willpower, I DID have the drive and I COULD DO IT. Also, wouldn’t it be great showing up to my 20-year high school reunion looking smoking hot (not having the typical secretary rear-end)? I started on what I would consider a whirl-wind and mind-blowing journey. I learned things about the fitness industry and how to make simple healthy diet alternatives. Overall I walked away with the knowledge needed to change my life. As I progressed along my journey I was encouraged to enter a bikini competition. That was so outside of my safe zone, but, I entered.


Over the next few issues I hope that my articles help you, or someone you know: a family member, a friend, an enemy, your local grocer, whomever. Even if you don’t find the golden nugget you were expecting to find or have an “aha” moment, my hope is to bring some useful information, a little laughter, a little chuckle, or a LOL to you. Everyone needs to laugh, it brings inner peace and you are more approachable with a smile. Who knows, maybe it will help you make a new friend or catch the eye of that certain someone you have been eyeing in return.


Stay with me and let’s see what we can do together. I’m going to keep this positive and lighthearted. Let’s learn and laugh together.


Week 1 homework: go smile at random people that you wouldn’t normally smile at. Tell us what happened on our facebook page! The best story will get a highlight in our next issue.


If you have questions for Ronda, you can contact her at