The Hunters Food and Clothing Bank, More Than Just Free Food

The Hunters food bank serves well over 100 people in the area of Fruitland, Hunters and Gifford with food, clothing and household needs. Think about this for a moment. What if those 100 + people had no other outlet? The state does not take care of everyone all the time contrary to popular belief. The volunteers that run the food bank are very dedicated to helping those that may have no other choice. Donating their time and efforts so others have what they need. What if you found yourself suddenly without food, shelter or clothing? What would you do? I know many of you have relatives to rely on, but many here do not have this safety net.

I have worked with many charities over my life and have found the gift of helping others is very rewarding in and of itself. You never know how much you touch a person’s life by helping them. You’ve heard of the “Butterfly Effect”? As we look back on 2015 it certainly had its moments especially with the Carpenter Road Fire. During and since the fire the Hunters food bank has gotten busier and we are in need of donations to make some storage remodeling changes and for maintenance of the building itself. The wiring, plumbing and the general building is in need of attention. These things of course, cost money. After Insurance, Taxes, utilities, etc. there is not much left for repairs.

When I was a child there were no food banks per say, but back then neighbors helped neighbors. It is in that spirit and practice of “neighbor helping neighbor” that the Hunters food bank exists. “Nobody should go to bed hungry” and your tax deductible donation to the Hunters Food and Clothing Bank is truly needed now more than ever. We think of the less fortunate during the holidays, but tend to forget them the rest of the year. The Hunters food bank is a year round, very important part of the community. It helps everyone that lives here in some form, or fashion whether a client of the food bank or not.
You can send your donation to P.O. Box 24 Hunters, Wa. 99137. You can also donate through “PayPal” online by sending your donation to you can also donate and enter our Christmas giveaway of a new Laptop and Printer by using the coupon below. We very much thank those that have donated to us in the past, especially those that donate monthly. Please help us with your donation so that we at the Hunters Food bank can continue to help our neighbors that need it. We wish all of you the Merriest of Christmas’ and a Truly Happy Holiday Season!

Dennis Heinz,
Executive Director Hunters Food Bank


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