Taste Budz Review: The Pickett Fence

After the gym, Zack and I decided to have a little late lunch date. We were in Deer Park and had seen some delicious looking pictures from The Pickett Fence so we decided to try them out. 

What we munched on:

~ Sugar Free Peach Palmer 

~ Sugar Free Chocolate Americano 

~ Baja Club Sandwich

~ Buffalo Chicken Wrap

I wanted to try something off their summer drink menu and one of the options was a peach flavored Arnold Palmer. Zack and I are both trying to watch our sugar intake and they were kind enough to make the drink sugar free for me. It was so refreshing! They used sugar free lemon syrup instead of lemonade which gave it the perfect subtle sweetness and didn’t overpower the flavor of the tea.

Zack originally was going to order a sugar free chocolate milano americano, but unfortunately they were out of that syrup so he went with just chocolate instead. They use Doma coffee which is a roasting company out of Post Falls, ID. The coffee was strong and velvety, the ratio of syrup and cream was just right, you could really taste each element.

Their whole menu sounded so delicious, I was having a hard time deciding so I kept it classic with the Baja club on sourdough. They use locally sourced turkey, ham, and bacon, and layer it with lettuce, tomato, and avocado. The vegetables were fresh and the lettuce was crunchy. The bread was nice and thick, the only thing I could’ve used a bit more of was sauce/mayonnaise. They serve every sandwich with chips and a pickle spear. 

Zack went with the buffalo chicken wrap and it was SAUCY. A combination of chicken, lettuce, cheddar cheese, and celery get diced up and tossed with blue cheese crumbles and ranch. You were able to get every flavor in one bite, it was so yummy!

You can get any of their wraps as a salad and you can even build your own sandwich/wrap.  When we go back, I want to try their margherita grilled cheese, which is loaded with mozzarella, tomato, and pesto. If you are visiting in the morning, they had an amazing sounding breakfast menu with a variety of scrambles and burritos. They also offer soups, mac n cheese, and even ice cream!

The property is a beautiful home that was converted into a cafe. The yard has been turned into a wonderful outdoor seating area. The property is surrounded by trees and provides nice shade and privacy. When you go inside, there are plenty of private seating areas and they even have internet if you want to do some work while you’re there. They also sell a variety of local products like handmade soap.

Whether you stop in or visit their drive-thru, you are sure to enjoy fun beverages and delicious food!


by Taste Budz