Taste Budz Review: The New 63

by Taste Budz

We briefly had a chance to check out The New 63 Social House & Eatery during restaurant week but based on what we saw we knew we wanted to come back and have the full experience.

What we enjoyed
~Berry Press (cocktail)
~Old Fashioned (cocktail)
~Korean Cream Cheese Bread
~Emperor With Hakka-Style Yakisoba
~Green Thai Curry

The exquisite manager, Evie, took care of us, she insisted we start with the Korean cream cheese bread. They roll large slices of soft bread in cream cheese, garlic, and butter then bake it. Chunks of cream cheese bubble up on the outside and create a flaky crust while the inside remains soft and buttery. They serve it with gochujang sauce to dip in. What is gochujang sauce? We were wondering the same thing, it is a fermented korean red pepper paste that is the perfect combination of sweet and spicy with a little bit of zest.


They have a unique cocktail list that Evie designs seasonally. In a tribute to The Huckleberry Press we decided to go with a berry press which combines huckleberry & marionberry vodka. The drink was crisp and refreshing, it even had a little bit of berry pulp to sweeten it up.

I am not typically a big fan of whiskey but they make an authentic old fashioned using local whiskey from Dryfly and I couldn’t resist. They first muddle the bitters and sugar then top it off with triticale whiskey, a bordeaux cherry, and a slice of orange peel. They also use a single giant ice cube so it doesn’t get too watered down. If you’re looking for an old fashioned done right this is the place to go!

The cuisine style is American-Asian fusion so they serve everything from asian plates to burgers to pizza. Because they create most of their marinades and sauces in house we decided to try two of their asian plates. I can never resist a good curry, the base was thick and creamy and packed A LOT of heat. I chose chicken for my protein and the meat was so tender but the veggies were fresh and firm. They top it off with cilantro, lime, and finely sliced carrots. It definitely made me sweat but it was so worth it!

Zack ordered the emperor, partly because he loved the name. They marinate the beef and slice it into thin chunks, sauté broccoli and peppers and toss it all in a classic asian style hoisin sauce. When the sauce first hits your tongue you get a salty soy sauce flavor but then the sweet tang of the hoisin sauce sets in and for the finale, a hint of spice kicks in. The dish was the definition of perfectly balanced. You get to choose from a variety of sides including traditional yakisoba, however the hakka style includes green beans, red onion, carrots and cabbage.


If it was 1963 we’d say we got dinner and a show because the building used to be a theater. It first opened up in the 1920s as the Ritz Theater and ran until the 1950’s. After shutting down the building was reopened by Walt Hefer in the 60’s as Cinema 63. There is so much history in the building in fact in 2003, it was added to the National Register of Historic places. Rocky Rococo was the previous restaurant however, they closed May 1, 2020. After they shut down The New 63 moved in and have had their doors open since March of last year. To honor Rocky Rococo they still include pizza on their menu, they even have a Thai pizza that we will be back to try.

Spokane is such a unique area, not a lot of cities can have restaurants in buildings that date back to the 1800’s. The New 63 combines history, fantastic service, and creative food for a truly unique and one of a kind experience.

The New 63
520 W Main Ave, Spokane, WA 99201

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