Taste Budz Review: The Lakehouse Bar and Grill in Loon Lake

Zack and I can’t say enough good things about The Lakehouse Bar and Grill in Loon Lake, WA. We have told you all about their dinner service but we had the opportunity to check out their breakfast and it did not disappoint. 

What we devoured 

~ Country Fried Steak

~ Veggie Benedict

~ Bloody Mary

~ Mimosa 


It was our anniversary so we thought what better way to celebrate than with a delicious brunch. They offer $6 dollar bloody marys and mimosas on Sundays so you know we had to indulge. The Bloody Mary mix is, of course, made in house and so delicious. It was the perfect balance of salt, heat, and acid. 

I decided to go with the veggie Benedict as I was in the mood for a savory breakfast. The eggs were so creamy and perfectly poached. The hollandaise sauce was a soft and velvety consistency without being too thick. The grilled greens and tomato added not only a pop of color to the plate but a pop of fresh flavor. The breakfast potatoes had a crispy crust and were soft and fluffy inside. They were even served with caramelized onions. 

Zack is never not going to get a country fried steak if it’s on the menu. They used a thin layer of batter and fry it till it’s golden brown. The steak was tender and succulent. They source everything locally, including their meat which comes from Lone Crow Ranch. The gravy was packed with flavor from the slightly sweet sausage and bits of onion. Zack orders his eggs over hard and they did a flawless job of cooking the yolks all the way through without losing the fluffiness of the egg whites. 

We loved our meal so much that we even went back and took advantage of their $2 taco night. They had pork and shrimp tacos. The pork had been marinated and cooked for hours, it melted in your mouth with each bite. The shrimp were cut up into small chunks and were well seasoned and served with shredded cabbage and tomato. They also served $5 margaritas so I had to do a taste test. They make their sour mix in house, which I love, because the margarita had a fresh flavor instead of being sickly sweet. 

Whatever you order there, you will love it. Stevens County is lucky to have a fine dining restaurant that brings a farm to table menu at a reasonable price. 

What The Heck Is Taste Budz? 

I’m sure this is a question you’ve asked yourself as you see us in the Huckleberry Press, online, and on social media, so let us introduce ourselves. Our names are Zack & Brooklyn, we are a married couple that love showcasing all the fun places to play and eat in the Inland Northwest. We created Taste Budz to promote local businesses and expose people to the great places all around them. Keep up with us to find your next activity. 


by Taste Budz