Taste Budz Review: Springdale’s Corner Table

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If you haven’t been to Corner Table, this is your sign to drop what you’re doing and check them out. This place is truly a hidden gem!

What we feasted on
~Fried Green Beans
~Texas Queso & Chips
~Country Fried Steak
~French Dip
~Pulled Pork Sandwich
~Texas Jack
~Maple Bars
~Funnel Fries
~Huckleberry Italian Soda

Corner Table came highly recommended and we are so glad we listened! The food was to die for and the service was amazing.

We started with the fried beans and queso dip. I have never had fried green beans but now they’ll have to become a part of my diet. They serve them with different dipping sauces and we chose their house made ranch. It is my new favorite dipping sauce, it tasted like a combination of ranch and tartar. The queso was creamy and actually thickened up as you snacked on it!

Zack’s country fried steak was made with a New York strip that they cut in house! The batter was thick and crispy, it was amazing! Apparently in Texas it’s the norm to use a real steak and I don’t think Zack will ever go back to ground meat again! He got two sides with his entree, he chose mashed potatoes with creamy gravy and mac n cheese. Everything was mouth watering!

The pulled pork was so tender and flavorful, the BBQ sauce was the perfect balance of sweet and smokey and the coleslaw added a touch of crunchy freshness. I couldn’t resist the mac n cheese for my side. I loved that they used shell noodles because they hold their shape and texture so much better, the sauce was creamy and peppery which was marvelous because I always have to pepper my mac n cheese!

french dip

Zack’s parents joined us and his mom enjoyed the French dip with their HOUSE-MADE Au Jus. The bread was crispy, the onions were grilled to perfection and the fries were top notch, not too big, not too skinny.

Zack’s dad enjoyed the Texas Jack served with crispy applewood bacon, a half pound beef patty, melted cheddar cheese, crispy onion rings and to finish it off chipotle mayo. It was the definition of the world’s best bacon burger!

By this point you’d think we’d be full however, I’ve never had funnel fries and I had to try them! It’s served with vanilla ice cream and your choice of topping (I chose raspberry). The fries were hot and buttery, the ice cream was cool and smooth, and the raspberry was sweet and fruity. It was DIVINE.

Then we found out they make their maple bars to order!! I have been complaining to Zack for forever that there was nowhere nearby to have a quality doughnut and maple bars are my favorite! They’re served hot and they melt in your mouth with every bite!

They serve an assortment of drinks including Revival Tea out of Spokane!! They also carry Thomas Hammer coffee. If you’re looking for a sweeter drink try their Italian sodas!!

We were blessed with the opportunity to meet not only the EXTRAORDINARY owners of this place (Tiffany & Melinda) but their entire team & #1 fan who volunteers for them. Tiffany and Melinda are from Texas where they owned and operated Brew 30 Tap-house, they were told that this area was the south of the north. They moved up here and were ready to open as we were 8 months into COVID, needless to say it was not an easy journey. Luckily, they’ve found a beautiful team who they have helped teach and together they are blessing us with their food and their hearts! We are so lucky to have them in our backyard, whether you’re looking for breakfast or dinner they will welcome you with open arms! You can dress up or show up in your PJs, whatever your mood is they’ll make you feel like family!

Zack and BrooklynWhat The Heck Is Taste Budz?

I’m sure this is a question you’ve asked yourself as you see us in the Huckleberry Press, online, and on social media so let us introduce ourselves. Our names are Zack & Brooklyn, we are a married couple that love showcasing all the fun places to play and eat in the Inland Northwest. We created Taste Budz to promote local businesses and expose people to the great places all around them. Keep up with us to find your next activity!