Taste Budz Review: Lofty Skies Coffee Co.

Zack and I were amazed to discover Lofty Skies Coffee Co. in Deer Park. They are located in the strip mall with Eagle Pawn and Masters Brewhouse, but we hadn’t realized they were there until today. 

What we enjoyed

~Toast with Cream Cheese, Turkey, Arugula, and Pickled Red Onion

~2 Breakfast Tacos

~Triple Berry Scone

~Americano with Cream

~Nonfat Latte

The outside is decorated with outdoor rugs and benches to sit on. Once you step inside, you feel like you’re at a cafe in downtown Spokane. The space is modern yet cozy and very clean. 

They source their coffee locally from 4 Seasons, Spokane’s first specialty coffee roastery. They have medium and dark roast coffee, and actually offer you the option to choose at the time of ordering. I got a nonfat latte with their dark roast coffee and the beans were perfectly roasted, strong but not bitter; the milk was hot and frothy but not burned. It was delicious! Zack ordered a 24 oz. Americano (with cream) and was happily surprised by the fact that they automatically put four shots in – he almost always has to ask for extra shots. His coffee had a lovely crema and was strong but not too watery! 

I couldn’t resist their toast options, which are basically open-faced sandwiches. Everything sounded so good, they even offer a caprese style one. However, their turkey toast was calling my name. They use thick bread that has a crispy crust and a soft, flakey center. They smear cream cheese then layer on thinly sliced turkey, and top it with arugula, red onion, and a seasoning blend. The flavors marry together perfectly. I absolutely love pickled red onion and it added a nice bit of acidity to the whole dish. Arugula can be hit or miss for me, as it sometimes tastes too earthy, but the combination of everything worked together splendidly. 

Zack decided to try their breakfast tacos, of which they had two options. For the first option, they use a corn tortilla, egg, radishes, pickled red onion, and arugula (which I thought sounded delicious, but was not his style). However, their second option was perfect for him: they use a flour tortilla and layer it with cheddar cheese, egg, bacon, avocado, cotija cheese, and a salsa verde. They use sliced cheddar cheese and melt in on the sides of the tortilla and then fill it with the rest of the toppings. The salsa verde added so much flavor, you could really taste the cilantro in it. 

They source most of their baked goods from Rocket Bakery in Spokane, so you know we had to get a pastry. They had a triple berry scone that they warmed up for us. It was topped with a slightly sweet glaze and had a hint of lemon. It was so moist and fluffy we actually ate the whole thing before diving into our other food.

It is so important to support local businesses, and it’s even better when you can support multiple businesses all in one spot. If you are looking to grab a quick bite or meet a friend, this is the cafe for you!

by Taste Budz

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