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We absolutely love it when fans of restaurants reach out to us with recommendations, in fact that is how we discovered La Presa in Airway Heights. Rick Van Sickle reached out to us to let us know about their amazing food and service.

What we devoured
~Mangonada Margarita
~Blue Shark Margarita
~Chicken Taquitos
~Camarones Tequilero
~Pollo Con Mole
~Chimichanga La Presa

The margaritas were STUNNING and absolutely heavenly. Zack enjoyed the Blue Shark Margarita while I enjoyed the Mangonada Margarita. They make their margs in house and the two that we ordered are of their own creation. Mine had a spicy Tajín rim and straw but the drink itself was so sweet, you couldn’t even taste the alcohol, which there was plenty of. The Blue Shark was tropical tasting, it had a salted rim and it even had shark gummies in it! We felt like we should be on a beach in Mexico sipping margaritas.

The wonderful owner Clint, surprised us with a chicken taquito appetizer. The chicken was so juicy when you took a bite, juice dripped out from the meat. They were topped with a little bit of cheese and served with fresh guacamole and sour cream. They were so mouth watering it was hard to not eat all of them but we had to save room for our entrées.

Mexican restaurants tend to have similar menus and Clint was aware of that when creating their menu. He wanted to make sure he had signature dishes that stood out in the crowd. I obviously had to try one so I went with the Camarones Tequilero. They sauté shrimp, bell peppers, onions and mushrooms in a tequila, garlic, chili, lime sauce. I wanted to put that sauce on everything, it was so light but packed a spicy and zesty punch. The meal was served with your choice of tortillas, refried beans, spanish rice, and topped with pico de gallo. I really appreciated that they put their own spin on everything, even the spanish rice had corn in it! Their pico de gallo was the real deal! Often when we go out for Mexican food and ask for pico they serve us a cabbage slaw with pickled jalapeños and tomatoes. While this dish is still good after living in Phoenix it is not the authentic pico de gallo I am used to, I am so happy we found a place that does it the genuine way!

Zack ordered Pollo Con Mole, which was essentially a mexican stir fry without the noodles. The sauce reminded him of a peanut sauce that you might find on pad Thai except with a Spanish twist. They create all their own seasonings in house and man oh man does it show in every dish. Even in their salsa, instead of using jalapeños they use charred habanero peppers that pack a strong flavorful kick.

For dessert we obviously had to go with another one of their house creations so we chose the Chimichanga La Presa. They fill a tortilla with your choice of apple, cherry, raspberry, or strawberry syrup and then fry it. They top it with hot caramel sauce and a scoop of ice cream. Even though we were SO full we ate the whole thing!

Not only was the food out of this world but so was the service. Zack would not even be half way done with his soda and Gerardo (the busboy) would be making sure his drink was refilled. Our waitress Chantal was so sweet and knowledgeable about the menu she made sure we were well taken care of. Demi, the other waitress even brought us a charging block to use when we realized we had forgotten ours.

Their restaurant was started by Clint’s mom and dad in Grand Coulee but about 15 years ago they moved over into airway heights, after Clint’s mom and dad retired, he and his brother each took over a location and carry on their family’s amazing cooking. They put so much heart into every dish and they make you feel at home, we are truly lucky to have a location in our area!

La Presa Authentic Mexican Restaurant
13308 W Sunset HWY, Airway Heights, 99001

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