Taste Budz Review: Captain Cod’s Company Food Truck

by Taste Budz

Zack and BrooklynWe were passing through Deer Park a few days ago and happened to catch Captain Cod’s Company Food Truck. They were supposed to be in Omak for the day, but due to some mechanical issues, they couldn’t make it out there and ended up in Deer Park. It was our lucky day!

What we enjoyed:
~Three Piece Fish with Chowder
~Codking Sandwich Basket

I ordered the three-piece cod with a cup of chowder instead of fries, seeing as it was negative temperatures out. The cod was so creamy and buttery, it melted in your mouth. The outside had a gorgeous golden crust that was thick and crispy. Usually, when I have fish & chips, the batter is flakey, but they have a totally unique and DELICIOUS style at Captain Cod’s. They make their own chowder from scratch. The clam bits were the right size and texture (not too chewy), and the ratio of potatoes and bacon was flawless. It was the perfect thing to eat on a chilly day.

Zack ordered one of their customer favorites, the Codking Sandwich Basket. It was served on sourdough with candied jalapenos, lettuce, and a generous amount of house-made southwest sauce. It also usually comes with onions, but Zack opted for no onions because he’s not a fan. Their fries are locally sourced and they also make their own tartar sauce.

If you are gluten or dairy-free, they still have something for you! They make their fish and chips with a gluten-free rice flour breading and serve it with fries and your choice of sauce. They also serve cod fritter baskets or their original cod sandwich. As long as you like fish, there is something for everyone!

food truck

The company was founded by Alaskan fisherman who wanted to make quality seafood available to everyone. Their captains fish the Bering sea, catching 100% sustainable cod. They catch their fish using hook and line gear, meaning they reel each fish in, one at a time. Each fish is sealed and frozen at sea within one hour of being caught to ensure their customers receive the freshest whitefish, Alaskan cod. They have two captains: Captain Baz Loyd, who is from eastern Washington and has been fishing for more than 20 years. He has a true culinary passion and actually created the menu for the trucks. There is also Captain Shaun Andrew, who was born in Wenatchee, Washington, but raised in Alaska. He has been fishing for more than 30 years and is the captain of the Northern Leader vessel. Luckily, these guys have two trucks and travel all over central and eastern Washington, so you have plenty of opportunities to catch them!

Their immediately upcoming schedule is:
January 17th – Sangster Motors, Wenatchee & Trailhead Golf Course, Liberty Lake
January 18th – Standard Paint and Flooring, Ellensburg & Floor and Home, Spokane
January 19th – Varietal Brewing, Sunnyside & Natural Green Cannabis, Davenport
January 20th – North 40 Outfitters, Omak & Cela’s Creative Learning, Medical Lake

Wherever you are, they are too, so make sure to stop by and enjoy their amazing food!

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