Shortcut to Summer

by Elizabeth Dengler

Elizabeth Dengler

Summer is just around the corner and boy am I excited for summer foods! I was inspired the other day when planning for my dear friend’s birthday, I asked him what his favorite cake is. He chose Strawberry Shortcake. What a perfectly delightful summer treat! By now I’m sure you’ve discovered that as much as I like to bake and cook from scratch, I also like to make my time in the kitchen easy. Easy is even more of a priority now that my family is moving, I need all the ease I can get. And nothing could be easier than strawberry shortcake.

2 pounds strawberries
1/4 C granulated sugar (I use C&H)
1 Pound Cake (either homemade or picked up in the bakery section of the grocery store)
Whipped Cream (either homemade or picked up in the dairy case)

Get a bowl with a well fitting lid. After you have washed and removed the leaves from your strawberries, cut them into bite size pieces and place them in your bowl. Add sugar and mix with a spatula to coat your strawberries. Snap on the lid and place your strawberries in the fridge overnight. This will allow your strawberries to sweeten and will pull out a lot of the berry juice. When ready to serve, slice the cake and put on a plate. Take a large spoon and give the berries a toss. Tip your bowl and capture the berry juice in the spoon and drizzle it over your cake slice. Then, spoon the strawberries over your slice of cake and top with whipped cream. Voila! Easy summertime treat!


There are a bunch of substitutions you can make for this easy dessert, see what you have on hand. For instance, you can use blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, huckleberries or a mixture of berries in place of strawberries. For the shortcake you can use angel food cake, sponge cake or biscuits all of which can be homemade or bought already made from your grocery store bakery. You can even chop up your cake into bite size squares and toss together with your fruit and place in a trifle dish with whipped cream or ice cream served on the side.

What are some of your favorite summertime goodies? I would love to highlight your recipes for the upcoming summer season. Send them to